March 30, 2008

on a new project...

I have a new project.

(I say project, because I think it makes me sound cooler than I actually am. Just so you know.)

A little while ago, I bought this little box of quotations for no good reason other than the fact that I'm quote-obsessed. There are a few hundred of them, all on tiny pieces of paper. They've been sitting around in my craft room (AKA: huge messy corner of the room off our kitchen that should, in reality, be a laundry room but since the last tenant apparantly set something in there on fire, all the outlets were changed and now it is just some random little nook that nobody knows what to do with) and I haven't come up with any good way to incorporate them into my crafting. So, I decided that I would spread the joy of my favorite quotes by leaving them in random places, everywhere I go. And, if the situation permits, I'll take a photo to document the words I leave behind. (I say situation permitting, simply because I don't want to be the Creepy McCreeperson who puts a tiny piece of paper on someone's windshield or into their small child's palm and then takes a photo of it. That may cross the line of decency.)

This first photo is from the random, old bulletin board at the laundromat. It's quite a lonely thing. Usually only filled with a few papers encouraging you to start selling Avon, one or two notices for vehicles being sold and almost always some sort of bulletin from the Jehova's Whitnesses. (Jehova's Whitnesses love my laundromat. They have little fliers and bulletins all over the place. When I was in there a couple weeks ago, some lady was walking around and asking everyone in the place if we were interested in any reading material. Reading material being several tracts. I'm sorry, but if it isn't Cosmo, then please don't interrupt my serious laundry time. Thank you, and God bless.)

Anyway, I hope that people find the quotations I leave, and hopefully their day is even a little changed for the better. Because I think mine would be.

In other news: at work today, I took a phone call from a man with a Scottish/Irish/British accent. I wanted to be all, "Do you know any songs from Across the Universe? Dooooon't stooop taaaallkingggg!"

(I swoon.)


  1. ah! i saw this on your flickr page (i couldn't comment because i don't have a flickr account yet, the horror!) and i was in love! this is such a sweet idea. you're too cute!


  2. that is so cute. what a sweet idea. i know that would definitely make my day to read something like that.

  3. hehe you would do this.

  4. what a cute idea. I think you should turn your photos of this set into postcard set. I would so buy that

  5. Such a sweet project! You'll totally make someone's day.


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