March 17, 2008

on my college career...

I'm disappointed.

I just spoke with admissions at Cal State Fullerton, and they informed me that even if this summer I satisfied the oral communication credits I was missing, I wouldn't be able to get in this Fall. I would have to begin in the Spring. That is, next Spring. That is, ONE ENTIRE YEAR FROM NOW AHHHH. Apparently, this is due to budget cuts and funding issues yadda yadda yadda.

What is that? I seriously don't understand why they make it so freaking DIFFICULT to get into COLLEGE when EVERYONE is expected to get a DEGREE in this day and age. I mean, I can't exactly do much with my AA degree now, can I? I can't do much but transfer to a four year university, which is not working well with me at the given moment. I mean, I'm the girl who did her requisite two years to get the AA degree, and now (several years down the road) figures, aw, heck. Why not? I'll go back to school. I have the time, I have the motivation, I have a job that will pay nearly 100% of the tuition. But, no. It's not that easy, apparently.

As much as I know I'm not going to be working the rest of my life, and as much as a four-year-degree isn't something I've ever really desired except from boredom and hoping to make more money, and as much as I've fought going back to school...I'll admit I was excited at the prospect of going this Fall. I'm not going to lie. I really enjoyed the first two years of college. But now, I ask myself if I even want to wait another whole year to go back next Spring.

Maybe I'll find something else to do. I just hate waiting.

(On a completely selfish note, I was looking forward to insisting to the husband that a $500 camera was necessary to my education. No, really. I had the entire argument planned out. And now it looks like I'm stuck with the pocket-sized Canon powershot for the rest of my young life. Woe is me.)

I guess we'll see. Maybe I'll sign up for some online school or something. Or ITT Technical Institute. (Actually, no. It would never come down to ITT Tech. Their commercials bother me.)

I wish that this wasn't such a frustration...and at this point, I'm not sure what my plans are.


  1. that. sucks. i tried to go back to college once too, and then one road block after another got in my way and i wasn't able to attend for another semester away from the time i applied. i never went.

    the only real reason i want to go and get my four year is because 1. like you said... there is nothing to be done with an AA degree except get a BA. and 2. i'm bored. i managed to find something else to do, and you know? it's worked out alright.

    keep your chin up chickie... if it's meant to be, it will.

    on a side note... maybe you can talk your lovely hubby into letting you get that lovely new camera as a sort of... i don't know. motivator to actually GO back next year? a consolation prize? i don't know.


    ps. i totally can't help but thinking we live completely parallel lives sometimes.

  2. Oh man that stinks. I'm sorry to hear that the school system is so messed up these days. I hope things work out for ya and things work out, fingers crossed!

  3. if you want to do it... next spring is better than never.

    just saying...

  4. Definitely look into online schools. I was really gung-ho about finding THE PERFECT GRAD PROGRAM! but I couldn't find any in the cities I actually liked. Recently I found one online and am soooo excited!

  5. I'm doing it the Athabasca U i dont gotta wake up early and leave the kids with some stranger.


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