March 11, 2008

on the most random thing EVER...

Last night, Jay and I wake to the sound of a fist pounding on our door.

Our eyes snap open, and we look at eachother in the extreme confusion of sleepiness. "Go! Go see who it is!" I demand to Jay, half because I wanted a strong man to protect us if it was a serial killer at the door, half because I was feverishly regretting my decision to go to bed without wearing any pajamas and had to quickly go through my clothes to find something to wear. Which is difficult when you've just been woken up at the crack of dawn and all you can seem to find are a pair of dress slacks and a couple cardigan sweaters. (Decided to go with a Little Mermaid shirt and gauchos because, you know, nothing screams classy at 5:30AM like that.)

When I got to the door I couldn't tell what was going on.

Jay was standing in the front yard talking to three cops. There were four police cars on the street, pretty much blocking it off entirely (slow night, guys?) and a few other policemen milling around. But the oddest thing was that Jay's car seemed to be parked in the middle of the street. For no apparent reason, considering when I got home at 11PM Jay was already in bed and I'd even seen his car parked down the street when I was walking to our place from my car. Huh. Well, that's weird. I walked over to Jay.

me: "So, what exactly is going on?"
Jay: "Apparently my car was parked here. And left. In the middle of the street."
me: (blank stare.) "Wait, what?"
Jay: "Yeah, I know."
me: "But wha-? Who? How can-? Blurg?"
cop: "Your neighbor called, thinking it may have been a stolen car."
(Jay goes to move his car, at the request of the cops.)
cop: "So, last night, was he a little..." (makes a "sipping the bottle" motion.)
me: "What? No! No, no. I got home at 11 and he was already in bed - and I saw his car parked right over there." No, sir, my husband is not a raging alcoholic. But I appreciate the fact that it was your first hunch. That's great.
cop: "Huh. Must have been his friends playing a trick or something."
me: "To be completely honest, he doesn't have friends who would find this funny. And nobody else even has a key. Not even I can drive it." (It's a stick shift. Couldn't if I tried.)

So, we stood out there trying to figure out how Jay's car was moved out of the parking spot several yards away, moved into the middle of the road in front of our duplex, somehow managed to chip off part of the plastic on the drivers side mirror, have the drivers side window rolled halfway down, all without anyone else having the keys and no apparent damage or anything missing from the car. I mean, seriously. WTF. What is this?

(On a sidenote, there was a cop there that everyone was referring to as "T-Bone" and I really wanted to laugh. But I didn't.)

I'm glad I was in a coherent enough state of mind to not say something completely ridiculous like, "Well, now. Have you ever thought about know...aliens? I mean, those things will do some crazy ish!" Or, "The car could've moved itself. It happens." Or, "Maybe I sleepwalked out here and drove it around. Although, considering I wasn't wearing any pajamas, I'm sure you would've been called sooner." All of which ran through my head. (Don't judge me, I was still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.)

The cops finally left, and even our Hunky Fireman Landlord drove by on his way to work asking if we were okay. Although, maybe it was just us, but he seemed all suspicious, like, "Guys. Can you keep it down. You're making my duplex look bad. K thx bye."

When Jay and I went back inside, we sort of looked at eachother and laughed. "Are we seriously awake? Did that just happen?" It's one of those things that you simply can't wrap your mind around, and we'll never know why it was moved, for what reason, who did it, why they didn't just take it somewhere and sell it for parts, why none of our neighbors saw anything, and on and on. Jay has had several cars broken into in his lifetime, and this isn't anything like that. No shattered windows, no stolen items, no busted up door. Isn't that creepy?

Well, it is to me.

We thought we moved to a safer area, and here we are dealing with this random mess. Gahhhh. Well, all I know is that Jay is getting an alarm for his car on Wednesday, and I'm starting a savings account that assures us we will someday have a home in a gated complex.


  1. yeah, so... um... that was the most insane story i have ever heard. in my entire life. i'm glad everything is okay & nothing was stolen though... here's to gated communities.


  2. That's crazy! I can't even think of any possible explanations for how that would happen. Maybe it WAS aliens!

  3. That. Is. Bizarre.

    But honestly? I've seen groups of kids pick up cars and move them. My "friends" did it to mine in high school.

    Still way weird!

  4. That is so weird! Like really... just so... weird. (I'm sure you knew that much already, but you're welcome anyway.)

  5. I hope you don't mind that I'm laughing a little! Wow...

    It was probably some kids who just learned how to hot-wire and thought they needed some practice.

  6. Wow that is so incredibly weird.

  7. my money is on the naked sleepwalking. you're so silly.

    haha, seriously... wow. i am not sure what to think of this situation.

    where was your camera? (bc snapping pictures of the scenerio (and tbone) wouldn't have made the cops any more suspicious...)

  8. extremely odd! extrememly! I don't get it. maybe it was a ghost.

  9. Last time I awoke to an urgent pounding on my front door, it was my roommates mother who had just driven 1.5 hours because her daughter hadn't been answering her phone and she was worried. Oh, and my roommates fiance is the one who started the whole thing because he had been trying to call from Texas but when Jen fel asleep (like most people do at night) he "couldn't reach her" so he called her mom and said that unless she drove to Spokane right then, he was going to call the cops and have them come check on her. AND it was the very night before I flew to the Dominican Republic for a week, a trip in which I lost the most sleep ever and brought back an icky stomach bug.

    Honestly, people.

    I like your story better, though. More mystery.

  10. that is THE MOST BIZARRE thing ever!!!



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