March 1, 2008

on healthy living...

I tell you, it took all the strength and willpower I posses to get up and go to the gym today after work.

Did. Not. Want.

I actually haven't gone in the last couple weeks. Honestly, I'm not going to make working out the highest priority in my life - and I'm okay with that. If my week is seriously busy, I shouldn't feel guilty that I didn't burn those 300 calories at the gym. Also, if I feel like poo, I'm going going to go sweat to death on the treadmill. It's just not going to happen. And those are my excuses. Good, right? I thought so.

So much for new years resolutions. I hate you.

I really have been working on the whole healthy-eating thing. Or, continuing to work on it, I should say. (See that photo of yumminess? Brown rice with sauteed mushrooms and bell peppers. Booyah.) For the year or so, I've really been trying to take small steps to healthier eating. Whole wheat bread (I've now acquired a fond appreciation for whole grains), eating more fruit (clementines = love), eating more veggies (still attempting to work spinach into my diet, but I'm not sure that's going to happen), less processed foods and more from-scratch meals (cue my one/two times a week yummy dinners!), eliminating soda and fast food from the diet (I'm surprised at how I rarely crave food that I once lived on four years ago) and I'm currently trying to discover a way to get the hubby to switch to 1% milk without him knowing it.

Jay: "It's not milk. It's water."
me: "That's what I used to say! But it's not like I'm making you drink nonfat! Now THAT crap I could call water."
Jay: "I can't do it. Sorry."
me: "Psh. Real men drink 1% milk."

But, hey, I did get him to switch to wheat bread and convinced him that an entire box of Pasta Roni doesn't constitute a meal, right? So, I guess he can keep his 2% milk if he really wants it. I don't want to become a health nazi.

in other news:
+ my tooth hurts like a mother, and I am willing it to stop immediately to avoid having to go to the dentist.
+ apparently I didn't get into Cal State Fullerton because of my lack of enough oral communication credits (at this point I rrreeeally regret somehow weaseling out of that speech class and still getting my AA Degree), but Jay thinks that I can still work something out if I fulfill the credits before the fall.
+ I'm re-starting the whole photo-a-day thing this month; look for updates at the photo blog!
+ the anniversary was absolutely lovely and I will post about it soon.
+ I'm officially addicted to Sharpies.


  1. That looks DELICIOUS. I'm always sauteeing veggies to put on rice or pasta. Definitely my favorite kind of meal. Good luck on your endeavor to eat healthier! Listen to what your body wants to eat; it's always a lot healthier than you'd think. (I seriously crave fresh carrots ALL the time!)

  2. that looks beyond yummy.

    i honestly had to take up working out in the morning because i just couldn't do it when i got home from work...(and then clean, and then make dinner, and then... well you get the picture.) and you're so right though, you totally shouldn't feel guilty about not making it to the gym... you're certainly NOT overweight... so ya know.

    i'm totally with your hubby on the grossness of 1% milk. i'm not a big milk drinker person myself, but god help anyone that get's in the way of my ice cold whole milk when i have a bowl of cereal. oh man.

    i'm glad your anniversary was good, can't wait to hear about it!


  3. I've been living with a Sharpe addiction for the longest time, welcome to the club.

    And much props for getting healthier and healthier, seriously, that's awesome. :)

  4. I love Sharpies. The extra fine point ones.

    Your meal looks delicious!

  5. the food looks so yummy!! what about switching to hormone-free milk - then he can have his fatty milk and you can still be healthy?! Plus it keeps for a month (we don't drink much milk so that's awesome!)

    I love Sharpies too!! I'm obsessive and have almost all the colors....


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