March 26, 2008

on the greatest photo ever...

I think that I laughed for a good two hours after this was taken. (Does he not look like he is genuinely fearing for his life?)

This was on a slide quite obviously not meant for anyone over the age of about nine, at our resort in Florida last Summer. He shot out of the slide at about seventy miles an hour.

Ah, the memories.

(I guess it's a good thing that my husband doesn't read this blog on a regular basis, right?)


  1. omg. i just laughed so hard at that. that's a priceless moment frozen in time!!! that's cute. xo

  2. ha! so precious! i want one! :)

  3. hahaha! that facial expression is PRICELESS! :) good shot.

  4. LOVE it. Definitely made me giggle maniacally to myself!

  5. Hilarious! Also, seriously, how can this be a safe place for the children? That slide end looks terrifying!

  6. so funny! Reminds me of something my hubby would do.


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