March 6, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

+ I enjoyed reading all the feedback about the dress/potato (seriously, all the comments made me happy - even the ones who despised the very sight of the dress; props for honesty, people!), and I believe I've come to the conclusion that I will not buy it. Granted, it is only about $20, but the realist in me is taking over and has decided to embark on a search for a truly Perfect Dress. One that I will not have to judge myself while wearing. Anyone care to join me in this? Because I have difficulty finding dresses that I like. Dresses that don't make me look like I'm thirteen. Dresses where you don't see the outline of my bellybutton, which seriously bothers me. (On a final note, something about these random trends - like that dress with the funky bubble hem - always get to me. Why is that? It's like the whole Ugg phenomenon, or the bangs that are taking over the world, or the wearing-leggings-under-absolutely-everything thing. Never been a fan. But I've always been tempted to try them. On principal, I don't. But still.)

+ Today I'm going to see The Other Bolyen Girl. I don't even care that it got bad reviews. I'm still completely giddy to see it. I'm holding hope that it's going to be absolutely amazing.

+ I have so many errands to run today - several of which are the husbands. I guess it's okay, though. I can be his slave. I'd rather do that, as opposed to working full-time, going college and interning at a film festival ALL AT THE SAME TIME AHHHH. Not sure how he pulls it off. He's amazing. I certainly wouldn't want to try to manage all the does, and without complaining? Yeah. Wouldn't happen...

+ I've been reading the Twilight series, and am nearly done with the third book. In reading these books, I've acquired an unhealthy obsession with vampires (the ones that don't kill you, but instead fall in love with you and write you music and risk all to save your life) and werewolves (the ones that don't kill you, but instead fall in love with you and make you cool bracelets and risk all to save your life). Although, something about walking through the alley behind our duplex at night in order to get to my car seems slightly more terrifying these days. Seriously. Read the books, people. Then you will understand where I'm coming from.

+ My dad is on leave from Kuwait for the next couple weeks! Weee! Not that I get to see him at all (being that I'm two states away), but it's still nice to know that he's able to be home for a while. He's back for good in May, and then he'll retire from both the Navy and State Patrol. At least, that's the plan from what I hear. My parents are going to buy an RV and travel the country with my two youngest sisters. And of this I ask: "Why didn't you do this when I was young at at home? WHY NOT ME?" I know, I know, it wouldn't have worked back then, but I'm still incredibly jealous. They are going to have such a great time...

+ I'm presently trying to work through the schematics of this whole going-back-to-college thing. I'm trying to figure out how to get those last speech credits in before the fall, and if I get them in before then, I'm not even sure if the college will accept them. It's giving me a migraine. And I don't get migraines.

On with the day!


  1. Oooh I want to see the Other Boleyn Girl too, I don't care about reviews, haha.

  2. my dream dress is that deep satin-y blue that's been popping up everywhere (this without the bag lady look... very elegant, cut just above the knee. as for the rest of the details, i'm not picky.

    i'll probably never own a dress like that because while my taste is uber glamorous, none of my activities warrant it.

    my old standby right now is a little black wrap number with a deep V and tight elbow length sleeves. i can do anything in that one!

  3. I really enjoyed The Other Boleyn Girl, but this could be because I'm a huge freak of Tudor history. And vampires. Do you love the Twilight series now? Cause you should. The conclusion comes out in August! Ahhh!

  4. god! it looked so good on you! methinks you should get it.

    ps: adorable sunglasses pic!

  5. i've been obsessed with this dress forever... and i might just plunk down the cash required for it, even without trying it on. it's just... perfect.

    i've never gotten the whole leggings with everything trend. my legs are entirely too short to be pulling that off, please.

    i always love (well not love... but whatever) doing errands for my bf... something to do with making his days easier i guess. not to mention... it gives me leverage when i don't feel like doing the dishes. :o)

    yay for dad's being home & going back to school!!! i've been trying to get my sorry butt back for over a year, we'll see.


  6. I am always looking for dresses, too. I love them, but hate them on. I found on at Body Central. Check out their website. Cute stuff and Forever 21 prices!


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