March 4, 2008

on "the dress" (or not so much)...

Okay, so you know how when you go into the complete sensory overload that is Forever 21, and you get a handful of cheap yet adorable clothes that will most likely disintegrate after two cycles in the washing machine but want to buy anyway because hey, they're cheap, and then when you're walking to the dressing room you pass that one super-trendy thing that catches your eye and you think to yourself,

"No, no. I couldn't possibly. That piece of work would only look mildly attractive on an Olsen twin or, perhaps, LC from 'The Hills'. I will not let it tempt me into taking it into the dressing room. I will not."

And then you take it in anyway, because you figure that you'll just try it on and look like a potato and get a good laugh and then cry a little because you do, literally, look like a potato and then go back and purchase your slightly less trendy handful of clothes and move on with your life?

No? Never happened to you? Well, okay then. Maybe we should go shopping together and then see where we're at.

A few weeks ago I was out shopping and, of course, found this little frock. I'm normally not a fan of this trend, yet something about it called to me. I loved it. I hated it. Quite frankly, it confused me. I had to try it on. And then I immediately regretted trying it on because I kind of liked it alot, and was ashamed, because I think I'd judge me if I wasn't me and saw me wearing it. (Does that make sense? Yeah, probably not. But perhaps you get my drift.)

I was borderline going to buy it, but then I had this vision of me wearing it around the house one day and my husband giving me this suspicious look and asking me why I was dressed like someone in the cast of Laguna Beach and/or a potato.

And I just can't handle that type of criticism.

So, friends. Discuss. Tell me you hate it so I can move on with my life and not go back to the mall this weekend to purchase it just so I can hide it in the back of my closet and wear it when I'm having a party-girl moment and go out dancing with my friends (which, by the way, happens about once a year).

(But I do like the dress. If you can call it that.)


  1. Brutal honesty:
    MAYBE if it were in a different color. But only maybe.

  2. My California instinct is screaming: Buy it! It's fab! All it needs is cute shoes and earrings! You are so fab!

    My Michigan instincts is screaming: Um... is that a trend, cause you look like you're trying to be cool. Or a potato. Are potatoes in where you're from?

    I think my brain just imploded.

  3. so... call me crazy, but i really like it. with some cute shades and the perfect shoes (gold, perhaps? hmmm.) but who am i to say anything... we don't have a forever 21 for at least a hundred miles, and i'm not even lying.


  4. Okay, I have Michigan instincts, and I think that looks fab. You look amazing in it, and if you're scared about the whole Hollywood Boulevard-feel of it, pair it with leggings!

    You look incredible. I covet that dress.

  5. I think its real cute and would probably buy it and it would hide in the back of my closet 'cause I couldn't work up the courage to wear it out...but that's just me.

    I used to work at WetSeal (for 4yrs) and would try on all the trendy clothes and try to convince myself to buy them to wear to work - but it never worked....I call it "shit-n-giggle shopping"

  6. it looks good. you could totally pull that off.

  7. I'd say buy it. You look good in it.

  8. I hate it.

    But I only said that because you told me to.

    Truthfully, I think it's adorable. Which baffles me, because usually I'm not a fan of that stuff either. Maybe it's just you. You're just. that. cute.

  9. I'm. Confused. Partially because it looks totally good on you, but mostly because I'm all, "Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Is it a potato?" And then there's this other part of me that's like, "Gee, it seems kind of short. You'd probably have to wear that with leggings" and then, the rational, non-trendy part of me that I actually allow to see daylight says, "WTF. WHO ARE YOU, ANDREA? You know we don't condone leggings." Speaking of, I'm thisclose to wearing leggings out this weekend. Looks like my 8 personalities are going to have a conference call on Friday night.

    Speaking of trends, I'm wearing this little jacket today and, Is wear, it looks like a painter's smock. I feel like I need to put on a beret and set up an easel in my cubicle.

    Oh, and I do exactly what Ari does at least twice a month. I can't lie to you, Kerri-- I have a dress much like this one (except it's all cream and a bit longer) hanging in my closet with the tags still on.

  10. Umm I actually really like it. I like the two toned coloring, if it was all one color then I'd say no. But I'm a fan.

  11. I'm for it in different colours (I definitely don't like that particular brown)...but...I think you could find a way more fabulous dress that doesn't cause inner conflict and instead makes you all, "Heck YES, I am too good for words!" Because that's the type of dress every girl needs for dancing with girl friends/making heads turn.

  12. It's cute...for a SHIRT! gahhh I am an old lady.

  13. if you wore it out, and i didn't know you... i wouldn't judge you.

    BUT... i am sad with clothes that are "trendy" right now because they no longer emphasize the goddess sexuality that is the female body.

    by this i mean i miss 1940's high-waisted A-line skirts like the one i wore last time you saw me.

    so on that note, i don't like it. you're body isn't a potato.

    but, whenever i see clothes i think of them on me, and you work it. though... you have no curves in it. just amazingly tan legs that i am freakin' jealous of!

  14. I like it a LOT, but I'd wear it over something like skinny jeans or leggings maybe.

  15. MY OPINION: I like it but, big BUT it's too short for what it is. If it was a going out dress I'd say a different color. That color to me is daytime casual but the dress is kinda short to be casual.

    So if I were to buy it because Forever 21 is so in the budget I'd say wear it as a summer sun daytime dress or add fun accessories to night time it up once a year.

  16. So, I was wondering why you had a picture of you in a nightgown on here.

  17. anonymous: Thank you for your concern, however the item in question is most definately a dress. (Well, that, or a potato, I haven't completely decided.) But it most definately isn't a nightgown. I didn't design the thing; ask Forever 21. They're crazy like that.


  18. this is an example of what i like to call a "Shress"

    my legs have NO business being exposed like that and jealousy if often the reason i judge others wearing them. i want skinny legs!!

    oh man, are you a fan of The Hills? tell me you are. My friend Sarah and I are obsessed and we spend every week laughing our butts off at that show.
    No one in the world actually watches it, or at least that we know and we're always quoting it and people look at us like "huh??"

    so the moral of this comment is, i'm always looking for fellow hills watchers!


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