March 23, 2008

on bike rides and holidays...

Jay and I had our first ride-our-bikes-to-the-beach day on Friday. Of course, when Jay and I are bike riding together, it isn't exactly together as much as it is him consistently riding his bike about a quarter mile ahead of me. He says I'm too slow and I say he's too fast, but if either of those were true we wouldn't stay the same exact distance away from each other for nearly the whole bike ride.

I think we need to find a happy medium speed, if you ask me.

(Check out my beach cruiser! Courtesy of Walmart. The only time you'll get me into that store is when I'm guaranteed to find a $20 pre-lit Christmas tree or an $85 beach cruiser. I hate that store. But, alas, I'm a complete sucker for a really good deal.)

I am completely giddy over the fact that we now live a bike ride (albeit a 45-60 minute one) away from the ocean. I tell you this: it's a good workout. A very good workout. A violently good workout. In fact, halfway there, as we were climbing the first hill, I thought to myself,

"There is no way this hill was this steep last year. Going. To. Die. No, wait! I can do this! Think of Lance Armstrong! That's right. Be Lance Armstrong. Almost. There. Okay, seriously. I'm going to die. Legs. Are. Meatloaf."

I did make it up that, and a few other hills, though. Much to my happiness. It's a funny thing, too, because once you're coasting down a ginormous hill, feeling the wind whip fast against your face, turning your hair into a wild little tornado...those hills were totally worth it.

Once we got to the beach, we went directly to Taco Surf for the greatest happy hour deals ever. $1 tacos and $2 beers? We ate as if we'd been riding our bikes across the Serengeti. And all for under $20. Booyah. Then, we promptly went to plop ourselves down onto the beach and lay down for a while. I love the beach just as much as every other girl, but considering the fact that I'll always consider the beach as a vacation spot (hey, I grew up in Washington State), I think that it will forever hold some sort of novelty. No matter how long we end up living here.

It was a good day.

I can hardly believe it's already Easter. And as much as I always want to get excited about holidays, they just aren't the same these days - almost completely due to the distance between us and our families. Holidays to me are all about my sisters and my parents. My aunts, uncles and grandparents. Dressing up. Going to church. My mom putting up the same decorations every year, the same ones that I remember from my earliest memories. A kitchen filled with food. Yearly traditions that never get old.

These days, holidays are filled with wondering if I'll get the day off. If I don't get the day off, what time am I working and what time is Jay working and how are we going to coordinate any type of meal together to celebrate? Missing my family. Missing childhood traditions that I will always wish to relive, no matter how old I get.

I told Jay the other day that I really look forward to the time in our lives when holidays will feel like holidays again. And when we get to do all the "kid" stuff again. (AKA: when we start our own family.) I'm sure he agrees, but he will always get weird when I start talking about babies and all that. I think that he has this fear that if he ever brings it up on his own or expresses any interest whatsoever without my having brought it up first, that I'm going to grasp that little thread of enthusiasm and use it as some sort of fuel in my hormonal drive towards motherhood.


On a lighter note, we both have the evening off, so after work I went to pick up some things for dinner at Fresh & Easy. (I tell you, my devotion to that store is never ending. Every time I go there I fall a little more in love with it.) We're going to have roast chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls aaaaand we were going to have cheesecake because it was on sale, but then I realized that I'd most likely go on a binge and eat the entire thing by tomorrow afternoon and nobody wants that to happen, right? Right.

I hope everyone is able to enjoy a bit of the holiday with someone they love! No matter where you are in life, there is always time for a quick meal, reminiscing about your favorite traditions from years past, and remembering the reason we celebrate: Jesus.


  1. I need to go to Walmart now to get that sweet bike.


    I'm Ashley. You left a comment on my flickr page, so I looked at yours. I LOVED your photos and totally related to your target/old navy/h&m, payless shoes outfits so I had to see if you had a blog. I found your blog and fell in love with it! I too don't shop at walmart, but would buy a bike there, and hate the commercials for itt tech.... so I kept reading... everything you would blog about I was like, yes, me too, yes meeee tooo, YES! Then I saw your "currently" section in your sidebar and i was like HOLY MOLY I have to comment... I too am craving crescent rolls, listening to weezer, watching in her shoes on tv on FX RIGHT NOW and waiting to watch my INTO THE WILD NETFLIX.... creepy. anyway, you're my new favorite blogger :)

    ok, bye.

  2. Oh love the bike and the bike ride! A ride to the beach sounds fabulous, and this was definitely the weekend to do it, the weather was amazing! Glad you had a good weekend.

  3. Men have this weird tendency to get a little green when you start talking about FAMILY! BUYING A HOUSE! SETTLING DOWN! I think they see it as some sort of impending quarter life crisis.

  4. i hate that as you get older, the holidays loose their magic. my mom was seriously almost in tears that she didn't make up easter baskets for my sister and i. i was like "ma, that stuff goes straight to my ass anyway". i don't think it helped, and i'm pretty sure she's going to make them a few days late. haha.

    i'm in love with your beach cruiser! i bought a really pretty bike last year and rode it all over the place. for the first to weeks, it almost killed me, i'm not gonna lie. but then it got fun (and i got skinny.). it's still a little chilly here to be out riding around, but soon enough!

    glad to hear you had a pretty good easter, in spite of all your grownuply duites. (boo, work.)


  5. your bike ride sounded so lovely!! I keep meaning to get a new innertube for my bike so I can ride it - but its an old bike with funky measurements (it was my dh's grandma's)...i can completely simpathize with holidays loosing their magic - i try so hard to recreate it - but its never the same...

    oh, btw, those pincushions are super easy to make - i can send you the tutorial link if you want.


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