February 11, 2008

on the internets...

You do not understand how traumatized I am at not having internet at home. Still. Verizon, I shake my fist at you!

(shakes fist in completely valid anger and distain.)

My poor flickr. My poor photo website. My poor etsy. You are all so deprived of attention from yours truly. I apologize. Soon we shall reunite!

Oh, and today I was getting fed up with the hubs not helping me put up the shelf and photos in the living room, and tried to do it myself. And then I abruptly realized that I was going to straight up carve a hole into our wall, and figured it may be in my best interest to stop. So, for the time being, I have the shelf, four photos, and everything that I'm going to put ON the shelf, arranged neatly on the floor of the living room. The exact way that I want it to look on the wall.

It's darn attractive. And completely in the way.

I figure, if Jay has to walk over the madness several times a day, perhaps he will cave in and lend me his arms. Or I could just keep nagging, because, you know, us wives are pretty good at that sort of thing.

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