February 18, 2008

on internet and the job...

If we ever do, indeed, get internet access at home, I will be...happy, to say the least. Every single person Jay has spoken with at Verizon (Verizon = boooo) has passed him onto someone else who has no idea what's going on, or has just said, "Yeeeeeah. You're going to have to call back tomorrrroooow." Most recently, the rep he talked to tried to give us a time period for a technician to come out, which is apparently what we need, only she tried to give us a time period of THIRTEEN FREAKING HOURS AHHHH. And she didn't get that we couldn't guarantee someone would be there waiting the whole damn day. It's been nearly a month since we signed up for service, and I have yet to have the ability to check my myspace from the comfort of my own home. I mean, not that I care about myspace or anything...


I think that right now I just want to kick someone from Verizon in the shins for having such incredibly terrible customer service. It's absolutely the worst. Ever. If we had any other option available in our area, we'd go with it. But, alas, we have not, with the exception of one other company that wanted to charge us an ungodly amount of $60/month. Thanks, but no. I'd prefer spending my money at a shady little internet cafe than paying that amount for high speed internet. Seriously.

And here's something a bit out of the blue. For the last couple weeks I have been pondering the thought of getting a new job. Recently, someone wanted to recommend me for a management job they knew had opened up - one where you would make $80,000-$100,000/year. Yeah. Nearly had a stroke when I heard that one. And although I thought alot about applying for the job, I decided that management really wouldn't be my strong suit. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses, and I'm not sure management is my forte. Can you see me firing someone? Holding monthly meetings with powerpoint presentations? Having a small crew of minions working below me who I have to be a perfect example for? Tempting, but no. However, just the fact that someone would mention that job to me really got me thinking. And I'm thinking that I'm ready for something new. A better challenge.

First of all, I think I'm ready; second of all, I think I'm worth it.

It makes me flutter with excitement, thinking about it.

I'll keep you posted.


  1. i know what you mean about Verizon...I only have them for cell phone service - but they still have crapy customer service.

    Being management isn't all that bad - I was in a management for 5 yrs. - it can be a lot of fun - but your also the person that gets blamed for things...good luck with finding a new job

  2. Oh man that internet business would drive me up a wall, ridiculous I say.

    And good luck on the job searching/decision making :)

  3. Boo to conglomerate control over the internet. BOO. I have comcast, my boyfriend has verizon, and they're both just terrible. We called comcast once because he couldn't connect his laptop to my internet. They told him he'd have to call Dell, that there was nothing they could do. WTF?

    I just found you through blogrolls of various other blogs I read, and I'm definitely excited to read more of you!

  4. I say you should forward this post to the higher ups at Verizon with the subject don't you know who I am!

  5. good luck! at least CONSIDER having minions. you could have fun. and good internet.

  6. Heey I wanna be your MySpace friend. I. Am. Creepy.

    BTW lovin the new (is it new?) banner. I may have to get you to make me an adorable one.


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