February 20, 2008

on anniversaries and such...

Well, now. As difficult as it is to believe, Jay and I are rapidly approaching our second anniversary. (Apparently it's the "cotton anniversary", because after two years a couple is usually at that comfortable, cozy stage. I would have to agree.) Half of me feels like it couldn't possibly have been two years since we stood up there and said our vows in a lovely ceremony, then enjoyed the most perfect reception complete with over one-hundred of our closest friends and family, a delicious salad bar buffet, tulips galore, and tiny, white lights strung throughout the beautiful outdoor tent on the golf course. Truly the perfect day.

(On the way to our hotel after the reception, we stopped by Taco Bell and enjoyed entirely too much greasy food. It was the greatest after-wedding meal of all time, of this I'm convinced.)

And as for the other half of me, it feels like I've known him forever. I can't imagine waking up without him next to me. I can't imagine what life would be without his random jokes and incredible patience and sense of adventure to guide me through my daily life.

I have to say, the first two years have been bliss. Granted, they weren't without silly arguments, irritations with the apartment, too many days spend apart due to conflicting schedules, my typical female over-exaggerations, and cleaning up more than our share of cat urp (have I mentioned how much I miss Nuni?). And yes, I do seem to have a husband who fails to see the sense in wiping crumbs off the counter or putting his shoes in the closet or buying me flowers any time that does not directly follow an argument or passing gas while not in my presense. But, really, everything considered, I still have no doubt in my mind that we are completely and entirely meant for eachother. It's the same feeling I felt several years ago when we first started dating. That feeling of complete comfort and knowing that it just "fit". We didn't have cold feet. In fact, we were engaged after only two months of officially dating. We didn't wonder if perhaps we should have sewn more wild oats (or, perhaps, any wild oats) before settling down. Yes, in some views we were "young" to be married at twenty-one and twenty-three. But everyone elses opinions really didn't matter - those closest to us never questioned our decision, and that's what counted.

I remember the night we told eachother that we loved eachother after only a few weeks of dating, and even at that point all I could think of was, "Well, of course I love you! Of course we're meant to be together! How could it be any other way?"

It was just right.

And it still is.

As we begin our second year of marriage, just five days from now, I have do doubt that it will only bring us closer to eachother and even more in love. Call me a cheese ball, but I can't help but be so excited about what life has in store for us. As I've probably said before, there's no knowing where we'll be five years from now - but that doesn't scare me at all. I have no doubts that we will do well no matter what life brings. We start our third year of marriage in an adorable new place, in a lovely city, with Jay's college graduation just around the corner, a new outlet for my craftiness that will hopefully only get bigger and better, and more trust and understanding of eachother than we've ever had! Life is good, and I don't think I say it enough.

(P.S. We finally have the internet at the duplex. After they (finally) sent a technician. And after I had to speak with someone at Verizon on the phone for an entire hour (actually she may have saved me from hating Verizon forever, because she was awesome - didn't even put me on hold once...and I guess I didn't need all those cell phone minutes anyway, right?). I had to call them because after the technician left he didn't wait for me to completely finish installing the service online and IT DID NOT WORK AHHH. But, yeah. We finally have it, and I may have burst into song and a dance that was not unlike The Carlton. So happy. So very, very happy.)


  1. congratulations!

    and taco bell? i'm totally stealing that idea from you.

  2. that's so sweet! i try to always feel that way about my dh, but at 3 in the morning when you realize he didn't put the toilet seat down the hard way - it can be kinda hard. Congrats on 2 yrs and may there be many more wonderful years to come!

  3. Aw congrats! Such a sweet post. And love the pic :)

  4. Awww =) This just put a big smile on my face. How lovely your story is so far! Congratulations & here's to many, many more years!

  5. Cuuuute pic. Your marriage makes me feel better about my "young" relationship. Joe is 22, I'm 21, and we'll probably be married in the next couple of years. And I've never been more certain about anything in my life. :-)

  6. Wow what a great blog. My husband and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary in July but we spent over a year of our marriage apart - he was in Iraq. I wonder how long we will still be in the "cozy" phase.

    It's so great reading posts like this. Congrats!


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