January 21, 2008

on sharing the work load...

The husband just spend a good twenty minutes scrubbing down the shower. I do declare: I'm impressed.

I'm guessing this ruins my plan to whine about taking the day off of work to pack up the apartment, and in doing so, filled about nineteen bajillion cardboard boxes, did who-knows-how-many dishes (I felt the need to wash all the dusty dishes we never use before putting them into boxes - obsessive compulsive much lately?), cleaned out almost every single drawer and cupboard, organized all the food/spices/recipes AND made dinner for us - all while the husband was out shopping in LA for seven hours.

Ah, well. At least he cleaned the shower, right?

me: "You know, when all is said and done, you do realize that I will have packed every single one of these boxes myself? All except what was in your nightstand drawer?"
Jay: "Yes, I do. Thanks, babe."

Meh. Now I feel appreciated. So much for my plans to complain.

(And I guess that he'll be the one getting a hernia when he attempts to carry all these boxes that I packed entirely too full, right? Poor guy.)


  1. It's always nice to be appreciated once and a while :)

  2. I just made the big move last week, and can totally relate to all the packing and cleaning. Only stubborn me did it all myself up until the day I actually left. Then I recruited all the help I could get.

  3. Good luck with the move. I'm not looking forward to packing my place, when we eventually move. But it will be nice to have more space.

    Personally, I like to wash my dishes when I get into my new place. Maybe your way will cut out some work for you when you get to unpacking.

  4. My husband has NEVER scrubbed the shower and whenever I talk about how I cleaned the shower and how it's such a big deal, he just rolls his eyes. He has NO IDEA how hard it really is. Soap scum is the bane of my existence.

  5. Oh my friend, you are such a joy.

    I remember with such fondness the rehearsals we used to go to together; I think they were what they were to us because of the fellowship and fun we had. I actually have video footage of learning (learning!) One More Angel. Talk about laughs.

    Your photos are beautiful. Congrats on the new place -- post pix soon!

  6. You pack stuff too full too? I say it's effective, the more you can fit in one box the better...


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