January 28, 2008

on the perils of parking (and some good things, too)...

I got a ticket this morning.

Freaking two hour parking limit right in front of our place, both sides of the street. Asked hunky fireman landlord about this before we moved in, and his answer?

HFL: "Yeah, I've lived here for a while now and I've never had any problems. I've never gotten a ticket."

Lies! Lies, I tell you! Actually, the reason you haven't gotten a ticket is either a) you are a hunky fireman and it says so on your ginormous truck (well, perhaps it doesn't include the "hunky" part, but I figure that is always implied), or b) you have a ginormous truck and any law enforcement officer would require a small step-ladder to affix said parking ticket to your windshield.

We are going to have to look into getting one of those Preferential Parking Permits. Lame. I hate California and all their stupid parking laws and stupid street sweeping and...smog? Yeah, smog! Boo California! I hope you enjoy my $39! Go buy yourself something nice! Like a soul!

A-hem. Moving on.

five good things:
+ The new place is rapidly becoming decorated to my satisfaction (though the walls have yet to be decorated with my entirely too large collection of frames/photos/art/Jay's two godforsaken Godfather movie posters).
+ Jay bought tons of groceries for us today, and even bought chicken breast without complaining about the price (almost)!
+ I'm officially three pounds lighter. Which isn't a whole lot, but the number makes me happy when it stares up at me in the morning. It's all, "Hello, friend! Nice to see you again! Now let's get to work on that tummy pooch and everyone will be happy!"
+ M is letting me borrow her desk set, so my little craft nook should be all set up within the next couple weeks.
+ Jay found Nuni a good home, so we don't have to feel terrible about giving him up - and that was very important to both of us. He was indeed a good cat.


  1. I'm glad Nuni found a good home! Can't wait to see pics of the new (decorated) place!!

  2. Booo on tickets! Only $39? They are like $60 here in Chicago!

  3. Hurrah for decorating the new place!!

    Okay, search for the weather in Spokane, Washington and you will see that we have like 2 feet of snow and more is coming down right now. I honestly don't know how I made it to work and am terrified to drive home in it. We thought we'd save some money and not do snow tires this year. Yeah. We're retarded.

  4. Man parking is pretty ridiculous in California, it drives me crazy sometimes.

  5. Ugh, I also learned the hard way not to listen to people about not getting parking tickets. Not a fun lesson!

  6. So do we get more pics soon?

  7. I HATE the price of chicken breast. All chickens have breasts- it's not like we're on some sort of breast shortage in this country, so what's tha catch?

  8. $39 parking ticket?! I got one the other day as well but it was only $11. Still annoying.


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