January 8, 2008

on a new place...

I'm so incredibly spent on this parking situation at our apartment complex.

A couple nights ago, after driving the block for several minutes, I realized that I had two options:

1) Pull up to the friendly neighborhood bums for a while. Hunker down with them next to the local liquor store/carniceria and bum a smoke (just kidding, people, smoking is ew), exchanging witty, incoherent banter while I wait for a spot to open up.

2) Park around the block, in a very shady culdesac, behind a giant van that most likely belongs to a rapist. It will take me about 9 minutes to walk home. Wearing heels. And it's 10:35 at night. Gah.

Since I'm slightly scarred from my last bum encounter, I chose the latter. And it wasn't pretty. Why can't a girl get a taser when she needs one? Why?

On the bright side: the husband and I spent most of the morning/afternoon hunting down a new place. Again. (Believe me, it's more of a hunt than anything else.) And I must say, we may have found the place. Granted, I tend to put all my eggs in one basket. But I can't help it. This place is the best we've seen. (Well, since the perfect place. But we don't talk about the perfect place.) It's freshly renovated: it has all new carpet, new granite counter tops (le sigh), new fixtures/heater/ceiling fans, a dishwasher (AHHHHHH!), is in a residential area (read: not surrounded by blocks of apartments = more parking = happy me), is in a safer area, is a duplex (the owner - who we did meet - is a tall, hunky fireman and lives in the other side of the duplex), the walls are painted a pretty color (be brave, not beige), and I do love it. Every bit. And, although Jay at first didn't even want to see it first because it was a smidge higher than we wanted to pay, he loves it, too.

I'm hoping for this. I am. I want to get out of this apartment. You don't even understand.

Well, anyway. The rest of the day was lovely, as well.

And guess what? I don't want to jinx myself by sounding overly confident, but I've been going to the gym and (gasp!) looking forward to going for the last week and a half. I've decided that I'm going to not overwhelm myself by trying to do too much all at once. I think that's why I've failed at the whole "gym fiasco" in the past. I'm starting out for the first month with just walking (briskly, mind you, and at a lovely incline) for an hour, several times a week. Next month, I'll start doing more. What I really need to do first, is create some sort of habit, you know? So, we'll see.

Oh, abs. Don't be shy. Make an appearance, please?


  1. I feel your pain. I desperately want to find another place but that would make it our 4th place in four years, and I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth the trouble. Also, they won't return our deposit if we don't stay the two years we signed for. Pfft.

  2. Good luck with the place - it sounds really nice!

  3. Where are you looking exactly? Email me. (sarahATwhoorlDOTcom)

  4. Speaking of...my local radio station was talking about tasers this morning and whether or not they should be legal to carry.

  5. Good luck with the new place! Fingers crossed! :)


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