January 20, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

+ We officially finish (well, okay, BEGIN is more like it) moving into the duplex on Thursday. I was over there the other day being a grumpypants because the guy was going to come turn on the gas, and I was given a FOUR HOUR TIMEFRAME AHHHH. I hate that. Luckily, he came within the first hour, so I didn't waste my entire day off sitting in an empty house. (I did bring a book, and ironically, the guy showed up right as I finished reading Nicholas Spark's, At First Sight. Bawling my eyes out. It was great.) Anyway, we are renting a U-Haul on Thursday, which will be fun (AKA: frustrating and awkward). I think that maybe I'll just follow Jay around and take photos of his herculean effort while carrying a fridge down the stairs. Should be a good time.

+ I'm down to two items in the shop (gah!) and will be spending the afternoon making several sets of stationary (like these) to put up in the next couple days. I totally should be packing, but I find that crafting is much more fulfilling. Am I right? (Yes. I am.) Another reason I'm ready to be settled into the new place, is that I have so many ideas of new items to make for the shop, and I'm so eager to begin! I'm so thrilled with the feedback I've had thus far. It's truly been a desire of mine for so long, to be able to create things that other people enjoy. I'm so thankful I have the chance to do so now!

+ I had a nice, long conversation with my nearly-twenty-one-year-old sister, K, last night. I miss her so incredibly much. Whenever I talk with her, she never fails to make me laugh. And there's just something about that sisterly connection, you know? Even though we are all so different, I've always felt like my older sister (missy), K and I are the same exact person, just different versions. Three peas in a pod. When we get together, we all laugh at the same things, talk the same way, have some of the same mannerisms, can look at each other and go, "Yeah. I know what you're thinking. That lady that walked by with the 80's perm is quite unfortunate. I'm right there with ya." Anyhow, K is currently going to beauty school to be a nail technician (of course she does this when I'm two states away - I want my free mani/pedi!) and told me a great little story about having to give a 400 lb. Samoan woman a pedicure the other day. "This woman's calf was the size of my entire body. Seriously." I don't know how the girl deals with the toe jam of complete strangers on a daily basis, but she enjoys it and is good at it, so I'm very excited for her and this new endeavor of hers.

+ Upon seeing a preview for The Other Boleyn Girl, I began reading the book. I'm a firm believer in the fact that the book is always better than the movie. So far, it's quite delightful. I enjoy historical novels, and I don't think I read them enough. Any other recommendations? Historical fiction? Yes, no?

+ I think one of my least favorite moments at my job is when someone calls me and says that they're on two random streets and they want to know how to get to our building. I'm sorry, but if you tell me you're on the corner of Conant and 27th, and there is a large gray building in front of you, and you're passing a gas station, and there is a bus stop with a tiny woman feeding some pigeons to your right: I DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. I'm sorry, but I am not a human GPS. As much as it would help me if I was, indeed, a human GPS, I am not one. And you are stressing me out.

+ The working out continues. I have yet to lose more than two lbs. but alas. (I'm only hoping to lose about 10, anyway. And I truly want to be in shape, not skinny - so, I'm assuming that it's not like the tummy pudge is going to just melt away in the first two weeks.) At least I'm feeling more energetic and healthy, and that's the point, right? I've also been keeping a daily journal where I keep track of my weight, work-out and what I eat. I'm still enjoying (and even looking forward to) going to the gym these days, so that's a big step for me. I'm looking forward to when we move to the new place; it is very close to a nice park, and is about a 30-40 minute bike ride to the beach. Heck, yeah!


  1. Last spring I was in Minneapolis on a choir tour and I was in a group of people looking for a place to eat, We had no idea where to go.

    I called my dad. "We're on the corner of 2nd and 3rd and we want to eat."

    Without missing a beat he instructed, "Walk three blocks North and two blocks west, or you can walk four blocks North and one block east."

    All I could say was "left and right dad. I'm not a human compass."

  2. I loved The Other Boleyn Girl. I like all of Gregory's books, but that's my favorite.

  3. I love historical fiction...I've read most of margaret george's books ("Mary Queen of Scotts" is my fav) and the books by Erik Larson are awesome (they're mainly set in the early 20th century) - I highly recommend "Devil in the White City"

  4. I think it's quite shameful that you are not a human GPS how do you expect to ever amount to anything in your life

  5. Um, I really wish I was showing the dedication to getting in shape that you are. I have my excuses (I am tired!)...but I really should be trying harder...

    I'm also really excited to see new things in your shop, everything I've seen in there really is lovely! :)

  6. Kerri W. Do you know that you have always been one of my favorite people? I just read your blog and I like you more than ever. I am proud to know you and to be a part of your past. I am thrilled you and Jay are so happy. Simply you is simply enough. And by enough, I mean great!
    Renae Meredith

  7. i loved the other boleyn girl too. i also believe the book is always better than the movie, which is usually true. i can't wait for that movie to come out though. oh, and i also hate waiting for utility men during their 4-hr window. it's such a waste to me, especially when you're sitting in an empty house.


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