January 12, 2008

on a few nubbins of news...

(Dooce didn't copyright the whole "nubbin" thing, did she? Because I've been saying it for years. In a variety of different contexts. Stubby fingers, leftover bits of cookie dough, small children, craft scraps, etc. Just saying.)

+ Thank you for all the great feedback on my etsy store! It means the world to me. I thrive on feedback - thrive, I tell you! As you can probably see, I'm down to the bare minimum of items at the moment. (That's not to say I started out with a huge selection, but whatevs.) Beverly and Ari: the two lovely ladies that made the first purchases: thank you very much, and enjoy your notebooks! Expect magnets, stationary and a new round of quotation notebooks within the next two weeks. Weeeee...

+ We begin moving into the duplex on Tuesday. Well, we begin paying RENT on Tuesday. We probably won't actually get around to moving until the end of the month. As it turns out, we have to give some crappy thirty-days-notice to our crappy apartment building. Crappy, right? Which means we'll be paying rent through the 11th. But the hunky fireman duplex guy says that he needs us to move in by the 15th. Therefore we are about to fork over a seriously large money order for the new place. Sweet moses. That said, we are still excited and ready to move. Even if we'll be paying for two places for a few weeks. (cringe.)

+ Yesterday I was at work, speaking with another company on the phone about a fax we had yet to receive, and the receptionist actually used the phrase, "Holy balls!" when I told her it still hadn't arrived. I'm sorry, but seriously? How are you a receptionist at a professional company? Who are you? Who says that? I judge you.

+ Lindsay Lohan: Don't be stupid. Hayden Panettiere: I love you. Katie Holmes' haircut: If I could. I'd do it. But I can't. I really can't. (And by the way: what a creep show, that Tom.)

+ I've worked out five times a week for the last two weeks. Booyah. And it feels good, actually. Walking is the way to go, I tell you. I walk about 2.5 miles in 45 minutes, then I do some seriously needed ab-work. Perhaps it's all in my head, but I feel like I can see a difference already.

+ I had a dream that I was pregnant the other night, and it was one of those dreams that was so incredibly real. I can remember what it felt like, and what I was thinking. So, I'm pretty sure for the next week-and-a-half, I'm going to have some serious baby fever. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)


  1. Did Lindsay Lohan have her hands amputated? Seriously... wtf?

    I say "Holy balls." However, I am still a college student for 4 more months. Don't judge me yet, mmkay?

  2. Holy Balls... are you kidding. That is almost as awesome as... no, it is not awesome... who says that :D

  3. I love your commentary on life, it's perfect. :)


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