January 6, 2008

on complete irritation...

Dear Google AdSense,

Until you decide to stop putting ads that read, "Looking for some excitement in your marriage? Find Cheating Wives in your Area!" on my page, I will refrain from using your services. And really. I am not blind. It was on there for two of five ads. Sweet moses. You're not worth the pennies you've given me. Actually, if I remember correctly, you haven't even given me any income whatsoever.

So, why would I want to help you pimp out these cheating wives you seem so keen on?

Seriously. Don't be stupid.



  1. Man, I've been there. Some of those ads are rancid. You can block specific ads. It takes about a couple of hours to register, but once it's done, it never comes back. :)

  2. Hahah! Man, I was wondering about that AdSense thing. Good thing I didn't register for it. Although... I wonder what inappropriate ads it would post on my page. That might be an interesting experiment.

  3. Yeah, ew, and I've been thinking about taking it off my page too since it doesn't give my any money at all...

  4. I took it down and put up blogherads for the same reason.


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