January 5, 2008

on 2007...

Taking a cue from everyone's favorite blonde (not to mention one of my favorite bloggers) over here, I now present, without further ado, my summary of this past year (well, May through December, as apparantly that's the only time I was blogging). Do enjoy.

May: Cue the angels! I returned from the abyss! I recently hit the two-year mark at my job. I continued the countdown to our Disneyworld vacation. I missed Jamaica, but that's really a daily occurrence.

June: I gave up all hope of ever mastering the art of yoga. I got my first $5 haircut and saved about $50 by doing so (Great Clips owns my life; this girl is never going back). I found a tiny vagabond kitten outside our door. Look! I even posted a video! I went on vacation with my husband, my sister and my brother-in-law to Disneyworld. It was the greatest ever.

July: I had an awesome 4th of July with my friend M, and thought I found a work-out I could stick to. (We see how well that worked out.) I enjoyed my fair share of Jay days and even went on my first seriously intense roller-coaster ride. I pondered on what it is I want to do with my life. I enjoyed a post-happy-hour bike ride (which, although comical, is not something I recommend).

August: I was accused of being a shoplifter (I know, right?). I decided to be a runner. (We see how well that worked out, once again.) I became quite nostalgic and wrote a list of things I miss from when I was growing up. Jay and I took a short trip to Vegas. I created my own, personal, Axis of Evil. I was excited for and disappointed by my first jury duty. I celebrated my twenty-third birthday, and ran my first (and last) nonstop two-miles only a few days later.

September: Our apartment complex raised the rent, yet again. I took a much needed trip home to the Northwest to visit my family. I got a flat tire and discovered one of the besties was moving far, far away. I received a fabulous bonus at work.

October: I attended Knott's Berry Farm's Halloween Haunt and was quite brave, whilst being chased around by men with chainsaws. I was accosted by a homeless woman (fun times). I decided to change my hair color, and asked for your feedback. (Although, I still have yet to make the change. I'm fickle.) I tried to find some perspective.

November: I helped Jay with a premier for the film festival, and found a love for all things felt. I documented the cat with the most evil of meows. I failed nablopomo almost as soon as I began. Jay and I had some serious vehicular issues. The husband was sick for the first time since I've met the guy, and I realized that we've been married nearly two years! I made Thanksgiving dinner completely by myself - booyah.

December: We had apartment issues that resulted in the carpet being torn up, however I still managed to decorate for the holidays. We began searching for a new place. I "adopted" a child for Christmas. We had even more apartment issues. I found the perfect place...and didn't get it. I took a look at Christmas past vs. Christmas present. I made some uh-mazing Christmas goodies. Christmas was the best yet, and I also decided to get by bootie in gear and finally open my etsy shop!

And that's the year in a nutshell. Well, give or take a few months.


  1. Sounds like quite the year, Happy 2008! :)

  2. Awesome recap. That was a sweet thing you did with the kitten. And I gave up on NaBloPoMo halfway through. It just wasn't worth it. I considered 365 this year for about a minute. And that was that that. It's safe to say I've learned my lesson well.


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