December 8, 2007

on the continuing saga...

This whole leaking-roof thing is getting a little old, if you ask me. I crave cleanliness. I demand order. I...give up. Especially after I must now add the following to the list of apartment woes:

  1. Carpet that is still peeled up and will be replaced...when? I'd like my dining room/living room back, kthxbye.
  2. Our oven stopped working. Two days ago. No idea why. Not that we use it all that often - but, seriously, what are we going to do without our Tony's pizza?
  3. The shower has been leaking persistently for the last couple weeks; a fact that I was willing to overlook, but now I'm on the war path, and quite obviously am going to stoop to being as petty as humanly possible.

I'll talk with the managers today.

We'll see what I can come up with.

1 comment :

  1. I'm glad to see another married couple out there lives off frozen pizza.


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