December 5, 2007

on the wishlist...

my wishlist.
(not just for Christmas - I swear I'm not that greedy.
but just because I need somewhere to keep track.
am I the only one who can't come up with wishes on cue?)
  1. real simple magazine subscription.
  2. crock pot (how domestic am I?).
  3. friends on DVD (seasons 3-10).
  4. scrubs on DVD (seasons 2-4).
  5. Benefit's Maybe Baby perfume (pretty sure that's what heaven smells like).
  6. Or Victoria Secret's Pink perfume.
  7. Or Hollister's August perfume. (Are we getting my great need for perfume across?)
  8. a lomo fisheye camera.
  9. this camera, Nikon D40 digital SLR (le sigh!).
  10. anything crafty and delightful (embellishments, brads, paper, etc.).
  11. rubber stamps with quotations or vintage images.
  12. absolutely anything from Martha Stewart: Crafts (at Michaels!).
  13. this quilt cover from Ikea (I've been in an orange mood lately).
  14. Listography Journal by Lisa Nola (um, hello list obsession).
  15. Softies by Therese Laskey.
  16. 2008 quotable calendar.
  17. a pro-account for flickr.
  18. this silver cuff bracelet, engraved with "amor vincit omnia".

(This is bound to be updated at some point in time. But these are the things that truly bring glee to my soul at the given moment.)


  1. i love how many overlapping items we have.

    can i steal this idea? haha....

  2. I didnt even know what a softee was until now does that mean I am a consumer idiot?

    merry christmas
    Love the blog

  3. Awesome list! I'm a perfume addict so I'll have to try the one you listed.

    Hope you get everything on your list!

  4. Love love love my crockpot. Unfortunately, it's my roommate's so I'll have to get a new one when we graduate... but fortunately, that means shopping!

  5. I have a Lomo Fisheye Camera - I got it Urban Outfitters (I have no idea if they still have them) but I love it - some of the pictures are on my Flickr account.

    Crockpots are good items to have - you're not too domesticated for wanting one :)

  6. I miss you a lot. My heart hurts:(

    Love you, Kristin

  7. That's the camera I want! =)

  8.'ve been tagged

  9. i added that quotable calendar to my amazon wishlist, how cute is that


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