December 1, 2007

on welcoming December...

So, I spent the last couple days doing the following things:

1) Going to the dentist for the first time in four years. (hides eyes in shame.) It was surprisingly okay. That is, once I got past the fact that their office was in the shadiest little building ever, and I had a sinking suspicion that the dentist was going to rape me after he closed the door and we were alone in the room (thank you, Lifetime channel, thank you - for giving me nothing but an intense PARANOIA). Anyway, the dentist was a kind man and it only took him about 20 minutes to clean my teeth and I was done. (Take THAT, sexy Mormon dentist!) And, hey. No cavities. Not sure how I pulled that one off. All I know now is that I'm going floss obsessive. Obsessive, I tell you! I'm not going to lie, I feel so much better after a good flossing.

2) Becoming completely obsessed with the genius of Fresh & Easy. Um, I'm sorry, but I've fallen in love. With a grocery store. True, I first went in simply because I'm a sucker for good marketing and a nice logo. But it's my new obsession, because you go in there and everything is so clean and nicely arranged and just lovely. They have tons of organic foods and it's all priced (gasp!) decently. I've always wanted to buy healthier and/or organic food, but it always seems like a scam, price-wise. I even bought free-range eggs (although, I'll be the first to admit, the general morale of chickens is not exactly near-and-dear to my heart) until the husband realized they were still nearly twice as much as the regular ones. Regardless, if you have one of these markets near you, I recommend trying it out! The employees are so nice, that I'm thinking they should steal Olive Garden's motto: "When you're here, you're family." I kid you not.

3) Dying from the cuteness of this. Gaaaaaa.

4) Enduring torrential rain for an entire day. Drove through said torrential rain to visit long lost friend Annie up North. (It was completely worth the drive.) We enjoyed Starbucks, cheeseburgers and just enjoyed talking with eachother for hours - ah, yes, like the good old days. It feels good to catch up with a friend who you rarely get to see, and it feels even better when it feels like you've never been apart. With the exception of my sisters, she's the friend who's known me longest. She knows all the awkward stories from when I was younger, has had to live though all my infatuations, we've shared the stage with eachother countless times, and we have that common thread that I know will keep us friends until we're old ladies ranting about our grandkids and all that goodness. So, needless to say, it was refreshing visit!

5) Came home to an incredibly leaky/soggy/smelly apartment as a direct result of all this rain. Boooo. I've already been told four times by management that the roof has been "fixed". And are we surprised that it's just not fixed? Are we? You can't straight up throw some sandbags on the roof and call it a day, people. So, at this point, Jay and I are going to tell them to either move us to another appartment, or we'll be looking for a new place. Honestly, this very well may be the last straw.

And tonight I get to see the husband for a while, which is good. It may mean lack of sleep, but I feel as though it will be worth it. Perhaps I shall nap today. Perhaps.

Are we all aware that it is now, in fact, less than a month from being Christmas? Hello, stress. I wish I could just relax and enjoy it. Maybe that will be my new mission.


  1. I just sent my boyfriend 5 million links to different entries on Cute Overload!

    hahah too much cuteness!

  2. I'm so with you on the flossing! I hate flossing, but I love how it makes me feeeeeeel!

  3. Hi! You were my partner at Blog Love 2 in Swap-bot. I like your blog very much!
    Nice weekend.
    Bye from Argentina

  4. Damn rainy roofs, it's going between rain and snow here. The snow made the roads slippery, which was a fun experience. My car actually slid, bah. I'm soooo gonna die here.

  5. Hope you took that nap ;)

    Love reading your blog!
    Have a great sunday :)

  6. No shame in not seeing the dentist in so long...who knows how long it's been for me as much as I hate it.

  7. bahhhh I totally had to go to the dentist today and I didn't go! HAHA partially because I have lots of cavities and I just know it and I also had to work, heh.


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