December 9, 2007

on one last rant (for now)...

I swear to you, this will be my last "negative nancy" post. For a while. Because I feel like all I've been doing lately is ranting and raving and I hate being like that. I just can't hold it in, people. I just can't hold it in. If I didn't vent here, then that means the poor husband would hear it twice as much - and I think his ears are bleeding as it is.

Having said that, I'll make this a good one:

Last night, some genuinely evil person somehow got into our gated complex (actually not that difficult, as half the residents that live here feel the need to prop open the gate with random pieces of wood and/or debris for no apparent reason, then walk away, leaving it quite open for all the hooligans to roam free inside), opened our garage, broke the window to Jay's Honda (the vehicle that we're still waiting for the reimbursement on, for all the work that was recently done on it), stole his car stereo, his entire collection of CD's (one of the only times he hasn't brought it inside when he gets home) and - here's the clincher - they also stole clicker that opens the vehicle gate. I'm sorry, but do you really have to add insult to injury when you're being a complete douche and robbing people blind? You're not only going to steal everything of value out of the vehicle, but you're also going to take the gate clicker so the person you've robbed can't even get out of the complex? Hey wait, you forgot a couple things! There are a couple pair of socks, an old box of crackers and a two wrinkled issues of Esquire in here, too! Don't you want those?


Can I just say how much of a saint my husband is, anyway? When he called to tell me about it, the guy was laughing. Sounded cheerful. His voice had the inflection of a child who had found a dollar on the street. I would have had no idea someone had just stolen his stereo and his entire CD collection from him, or wronged him in any way. I was the one who freaked out, and even then he was all, "They're just CD's. I just need to get out of the gate somehow. Hmmm." He. Is. Not. Human. (I seriously am counting on our children inheireting 90% Jay and only about 10% me, by the way.)

In the grand scheme of things, I know it could be way worse. But I hate that everything happens at once, and I hate that I should be in the holiday mood but can't. And really, the hits just keep on coming.

I want to move back to Washington.

Let's take a gander on good ol' Craig's List, for an area in Washington State, in a city near our families: For what we're paying for our apartment now, we could have this (yes, that's right, it's right on Puget Sound) or this (yes, it does say that I could kayak from my front yard - I mean, not that I kayak, but at least I have the option) or this (um, cute cabin much lately?). Or, if you really want to splurge, you could pay a couple extra hundred and rent this behemoth (yes, to me, it is a behemoth).

I am so not Californian. I'm done with the high rent and snowless winters and accents I simply cannot comprehend and the fact that everything is so impersonal and unfriendly. A girl shouldn't have to go to Disneyland to get friendly and effecient service. She shouldn't.

And thus ends the ranting posts. For as long as I can handle.

Now I'm going to try to discover a way to cheer up. Perhaps laughing at the fact that I just now saw a guy who looks exactly like this guy. Don't think it's possible? Oh, it's possible, all right. And borderline creepy.


  1. Oh, I feel for you... we just left California. My entire life (I'm 25) I've lived in Southern California. I have always wanted to leave California... even though I had never been anywhere else. We lived in the Inland Empire (Ontario to be exact) and it was getting horrible... no place to live especially with our 3 little ones.

    The last straw was when my 65yo grandma got mugged a block away from our place! We decided to explore some options for my husbands work and moved to Utah... the middle of nowhere Utah. We now live in a small town of about 4500 people. It is the best choice we could have made.

    I wish you guys luck... I have been in almost the exact situation you are in now... I know how it feels! ((HUGS))

  2. I'm sooo sorry to hear about this! I had my crappy 92 Prizm broken into a couple of years ago. I was parked between a Lexus and a Hummer!! Why would they break into the cheapo? CDs and stereo were stolen. Sigh.


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