December 3, 2007

on the mess that is my apartment (and tiny sheep)...

Below was the current state of our lovely apartment, just this morning. Yeah, I wasn't flipping out or anything. Apparently part of the wood was destroyed due to water damage (ya think?) and they had to replace it. I'm still slightly apprehensive about this whole thing, considering they're not yet fixing the roof. They said that it should be done some time this week but...who knows about that. And I'm not sure when they're going to go about fixing the carpet, which is still in shambles.

We had to empty our lone bookshelf and scoot the kitchen table into the living room. This may not seem bad to you, but to me, it's a huge mess. (And that's why I've barricaded myself in the bedroom so I don't have to see it.) Prince Charming Cake Topper Man is doing a fine job of protecting Cinderella amongst the mounds of books, though, which is refreshing. So brave is he. So brave.
In other news, I decided to put up my nativity scene the other day. Who knows when we'll get around to putting up everything else, considering we may even be moving in a couple weeks. I had to feel some sort of Christmas cheer, though, so I dug through my storage boxes to find the nativity. My mom bought it for me last Christmas, and I just love it. It's really unique and simple. All the pieces are carved out of wood, and have some painted detail. I love that Mary is holding her wee little behbeh Jesus. Although she doesn't have a face, I'm pretty sure she'd be smiling if she had any lips.
I think my favorites are the two bitty sheep. They make me happy. Are they not the cutest wooden sheep you ever did see? I shall call you Manchild and Rebecca, and you will be mine forever and always!


  1. Oh, that is no fun. We've had leaking/wet carpet problems in most of the rooms I've lived in since we've been in Florida and I hate it. It's like some water demon is out to get your furniture... :( Hope it all gets fixed lickity-split for ya!

  2. I'm so sorry your landlord sucks and is lazy! Good luck in your search for a new place - good ones are hard to find (and good landlords even harder)

    My favorite part of my nativity is my camel...he has an expression of "Well, I'm what"


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