December 4, 2007

on the kind-of-cabin...

So, although I was able to take the entire day off of work yesterday, specifically dedicated to hunting down a new place, we really didn't find many places even worth our while to go to.

The trouble with the real estate market in Southern California is the fact that it's just so impossible to find something that fits your exact criteria. I mean, if you want a nice duplex for under $1200, in a good area, with covered parking, in a building that isn't falling apart at the seams - you really have to narrow down your specifications significantly. And I do mean significantly. You'll have to settle for a teensie back house for $1250, in an area that seems okay until the sun goes down and all the hooligans crawl out of the bushes and start roaming the streets to eat your children, with covered parking for only one of your vehicles, in a building that was falling apart at the seams at some point, but they painted over all the cracks and replaced the carpet so you can't really tell that the roof is going to collapse the first time it rains for longer than twelve minutes.

Call me a cynic? Well, you haven't been looking for a new place to live here in good ol' So Cal.

It's all fine and dandy if you have a nice chunk of money to work with every month, but we, my dear friends, have a budget.

Anyway, we did find an ad for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom "cozy little cabin" in an area pretty close to where the husband has to commute to college and work. We drove by, and I'm not sure where the guy got the whole "cabin" vibe, as it was the bottom floor of a back house...but beggars can't be choosers. Actually, it was in a nice little neighborhood and it had an abundance of parking (which would be a Godsend at this point) and although it was small, it would be a considerable upgrade simply on the fact that it's not an apartment.

I went by that evening, to see the apartment and meet the landlord. After I got over the fact that my husband didn't seem to show much concern about my going to meet some random guy after dark, all by myself (he had to work), I finally made my way back to the cabin/back house. I was prepared to shank anyone who tried to attack me with my car keys, but luckily it didn't come to that. There were about seven other prospective tenants there, which was nice (eliminated the creepy factor) although irritating (hey! go away! I totally called this cabin/back house for my own!). I met the landlord and walked through the teensie place, and totally love it. Totally. Granted, we'd have to get rid of one of our couches (I can deal with that), half of Jay's wardrobe (he's probably not going for this) and our cat (oh, how I'll miss that little punk). But all of those things are fine, if we get our own little place.

We turn in our application on Wednesday. Fingers crossed! Prayers sent! Eeep!


  1. aaaaw. if you get it i demand a tea & craft making party.

  2. Good luck!!! I hope you get it, and if/when you do, I want pictures!

  3. I hope it all works out! House hunting can be so very stressful.

    And glad you didn't need to shank anyone. That could've been ugly. ;)

  4. Good luck! Sounds adorable. I'll be apartment hunting for the first time with the beau this summer... Scary!

    I love your blog, btw. Mind if I add you to my embarrassingly new blog/blogroll?

  5. AHHHH I hope you get it!! OC housing in general is soooo hard - finding, roomies, parking, quality, etc!!

    Good thing you have a good roommate though ;)


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