December 14, 2007

on the good things...

Jay and I had an entire day together yesterday. Rare, and completely enjoyed.

We spent the morning working through issues we've had with vehicles he's sold to people in the past. Pretty sure we're not going to be selling any cars in the future. People are shady. This is true. So, we're hoping to get the paperwork figured out soon so we can wash our hands of the whole situation. Gaaaaaaa. So irritating.

Anyhow, after that we did some grocery shopping, and deposited a check that we finally received from the company Jay has a vehicle warranty from. It's amazing to think that we would have been out over $700 if he hadn't been persistent with these people in telling them we shouldn't have paid all that money for the work done. Again, people are shady. This is true. So, it was certainly a weight lifted, getting at least some of the money back.

We then decided to go on an apartment scavenger hunt. Well, at least that's what it felt like.

We drove to a few places that we'd found on, but none of them worked out. I think it's funny when they describe an apartment as a "garden style cottage", when in reality it is a teensie little building that's gated in, in an area where you're most likely to be offered drugs on a regular basis. By scary, scary men. I do not care that it is four blocks to the beach. I cherish this thing I call safety.

We drove around for about another hour, but to no avail. Even though we didn't find something, I was so glad we had a day to just get out there and look. I'm confident that at some point, we're going to find it. But at least the husband and I have decided to be firm in not moving until it's somewhere we consider a step up from where we are now. Qualifications:

  • Preferably not an apartment.
  • Something more along the lines of a backhouse/fourplex/duplex.
  • In general, we're looking for something more plexy and less prison blocky.
  • It has to be under $1100.
  • (I know, those of you who aren't residences of CA have just had mild strokes. I apologize.)
  • In an area where we feel generally safe - even when the sun sets and the crazies come out.
  • At least one bedroom.
  • Definately not a studio.
  • And more than 500 sq. feet. (Would you believe that we found a one-bedroom backhouse that was 500 sq. feet? We would have to get rid of 75% of our posessions. Seriously.)

Now, you'd think that wouldn't be all that difficut. But, oh, how it is. Alas! We are keeping our eyes peeled and hopefully will find something within the next couple months. Especially after I was watching the news this morning (ironic, considering I traditionally never watch the news) and the reporter was talking about a stabbing that happened yesterday. To a woman who wouldn't give some guy her purse. Very close to where I live. In the shopping complex that I frequent. Still I say: people are shady. This is true.

(Mom, if you're reading this, don't worry. I will stay far away. And invest in a whole gang of pepperspray. I'm feisty when need be!)

Anyhow, after the frustrations of apartment-hunting, the husband and I enjoyed a lovely happy hour at our favorite happy hour place: Yardhouse. Go there. It is amaaaaaazing. 1/2 price appetizers (and they have options such as gigantic California rolls, calamari and four cheese pizza!) and the largest selection of beers you have ever seen in your young life. Need I say "mmmm"?

The rest of the day was filled with browsing our local Buffalo Exchange (I have issues with all the scene kids in there - I mean, how shall I take fashion advice from a girl with cabbage patch bangs and a guy wearing a wool scarf with a t-shirt that reads, "I know what boys like"? Really? No. Stop making me feel inferior when I wear American Eagle jeans and shop at Old Navy.), finally putting up our Christmas tree, watching a movie we got from the library, enjoying an episode of 30 Rock (Ludachristmas! Mua-ha!), eating a bag of popcorn, and being generally happy with life.

It was a good day, and I needed it.

And tonight is my company Christmas party, which should be fabulous. I get to don my little-black-dress (well, my only dress - I never go out, to be honest), curl my hair up all pretty, give myself a mani/pedi, slather myself in tanning lotion so I don't glow under the lights, and have a good old time with free food, drink tickets and monetary prizes! Hurrah! And I always love showing off the husband. He is my arm candy.

(I'm excited.)

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  1. holy crap! your rent limit is my mortgage!!! I could never afford to live out there! Good luck with your hunt - something will come up.


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