December 20, 2007

on Christmas; past and present...

Christmas past: December felt like it lasted two and a half years.
Christmas present: It's the third week in December and I think, "I'm sorry, but wasn't Halloween last Wednesday? And now you want me to send out packages and somehow find time to bake holiday treats and WAIT I HAVEN'T EVEN WATCHED THE MUPPETS CHRISTMAS CAROL YET SO DEAR GOD DON'T SAY CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY AHHHHH."

Christmas past: Shopping was done with mom, or at the school's Santa's Workshop (AKA: public school's equivalent to the Dollar Store - booyah!).
Christmas present: Trying to find a gift for the husband that he actually wants/hasn't bought for himself/won't buy for himself before Christmas (which happened last year). And shopping for the rest of the family, which isn't bad, and I actually quite enjoy, until I realize that I have to ship 90% of the gifts we buy to various places all over the country. (We totally didn't make the cut-off this year, either. Sad.)

Christmas past: All I wanted for Christmas was a Polly Pocket dream house. (Later on, it was a Backstreet Boy, but that's another story.)
Christmas present: All I want for Christmas is a Nikon D40. (Although, I would shout screams of joy if Santa happened to bring me a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Seriously. I would literally cry with joy. When cat hair consumes your very life, then you'll understand where I'm coming from.)

Christmas past: The month of December was filled with flurries of beautiful snow! Snow forts! Snow angels! Snowmen! Black ice and slush on the streets but, heck, still there was glorious snow!
Christmas present: Unless I feel the intense desire to drive waaaay up North in my nugget of a car, this girl will only be dreaming of a white Christmas. And the rain really doesn't help. I secretly want my husband to pull an Uncle Jesse, from that episode of Full House where he surprised Rebecca on Christmas by filling the backyard with snow, so she'd feel like she was "home" for Christmas. Tell me you remember that episode! Tell me! Ahhh! I love Uncle Jesse.

Christmas past: Enjoying all the goodies my mom would make for the holidays: fudge, pumpkin chip muffins, toffeeish candies. Decorating Christmas cookies with my sisters.
Christmas present: Gaining approximately 19 lbs. (I kid, I kid) thanks to the piles of sweets we are sent by customers and companies we work with at the office. Thanks, guys. Thanks. Next year please send bran muffins or little boxes of Grape Nuts or cans of V8: something I won't feel the need to shove into my face during the 40 hours I spend at work every week.

Christmas past: Driving around the city looking at Christmas lights, then dinner at Pizza Hut on Christmas Eve. (Random tradition, I know, but who wouldn't go for a deep dish pepperoni pizza the night before a holiday? Mmmm.)
Christmas present: Working on Christmas eve. Why can't the whole world shut down for the holidays? I swear, that's the way I always thought it would be when I was a wee child. At least this year we get to enjoy dinner after work, with my aunt, uncle and cousins. I'm so thankful for family time!

Christmas past: My sisters and I all in the same room, waking up at the crack of dawn to open presents. No, really, it was the crack of dawn. I'm pretty sure we set the alarm for 6:00AM. I never did understand the fun in opening presents during daylight. And we'd always get that super-attractive "just rolled out of bed" photo in front of the tree, holding our Christmas stockings.
Christmas present: Snuggling with the husband in bed until after 9:00AM, because who wants to get up at 6:00AM on a holiday, anyway? And, hey, snuggle time. It's nice.

Christmas past: Spending entirely too long trying to get the newest Barbie doll out of those 24 wire thingies that refuse to break free from her cardboard prison. "Daaaad! Help me with this! Add this to your pile of things to rip from their packaging!"
Christmas present: The OCD will kick in, as I realize the mess we made of the living room. And I'll be yelling at my cat. "Nuni, I swear if you try to eat one more piece of ribbon I'm going to kill you."


  1. The Nikon D40... on sale at Costco... I'm just sayin' :)

    Although, Mark just got the Cannon Rebel xti and Lord. Have. Mercy. It is awesome!

  2. hehe...this totally cracked me up!

    I can so relate. And if it makes you feel any better, I'm off on Christmas Eve, as it's my normally scheduled day off, BUT I have to work on Christmas Day! No wonder I've been scroogey this year.

    I got a D-40 for Christmas last year and I adore it! I hope Santa is good to you!

  3. i totally remember santa's secret shop. i wish there still was one to visit and get all of your shopping done. :)


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