December 30, 2007

on Christmas and the shop...

For the next week I will be feverishly working on some goodies for my etsy shop. Notebooks, pockets and magnets to start. I'm really excited to officially begin selling items. Hurrah for a new endeavor! It makes me nervous thinking about people paying for things I handmake, but that's just because I'm weird about things like that. I may as well put myself out there, right? Right. So far I've had great feedback on my crafts from some fabulous people - and that means the world to me! Click the above banner for the shop; there should be items up by the end of the week. Need I say: squee!

Aaaand Christmas. I have to admit, it was the most Christmassy Christmas I've had since I've lived here. I was so thankful to have the evening before Christmas and the day of Christmas to spend with Jay. The evening before, we spend time at my aunt and uncle's house. My grandparents were there, as well, and it was so nice to have family time. We were spoiled with an incredible meal of honeybaked ham, yummy potatoes and some pineapple stuffing. And we received some lovely gifts from them, as well!

Christmas morning we woke up at about 7:00am. We were contemplating the idea of going back to sleep, when Jay tickled me and announced it was time to open presents. Could I really say no to that? Dare I say I was giddy with childish glee?

goodies I received:

+ crock pot.
+ scrabble game.
+ crafty goodies galore!
+ an adorable little mini-case to store some of my crafty bits and bobs.
+ a subscription to Everyday Food.
+ a sweet little jewelery tree.
+ some face and hair products.
+ friends DVD, season 2.
+ a whooshee noise maker (that's what I call it, at least), so we won't have to run the fan in the winter and freeze our buns off in order for me to sleep.
+ a bunch of movie tickets (hurrah for date nights!).
+ an array of gift certificates.

There were many other lovely things, as well. We are too spoiled. The rest Christmas was filled with going to church, then out to visit Jay's aunt, uncle and cousin. We stayed at their home the rest of the evening, enjoying another scrumtious meal (I tell you, we never want to go back to our Pasta Roni) and games and laughter. I love that we were able to spend time with a bit of each of our families - even though we're too far away to visit our parents and siblings. The holidays will always mean family to me, so it feels good to have that.

Especially if I don't get snow. Because I want snow. Badly.

And now we look forward to the new year. I have both new year's eve and new year's day off! We have yet to make any solid plans, but I wouldn't mind ringing in 2008 with some cheap wine and a movie marathon. And microwave popcorn.

(We bought a box of microwave popcorn at Costco, so we're now fully stocked with about 1,500 bags. I'm thinking it's going to be a staple after pretty much every meal. My tummy pooch is crying out, but I just tell it to shut up.)


  1. Oh goodness, I am SO excited for your shop! Can't wait to see what fun things you have in there! Congratulations on a new endeavor!

  2. I love the new header!! I'm excited about your shop!! and I'm so happy you had a good Christmas!

    I got a Crockpot too - except it was a belated (by 2yrs) wedding present :).

  3. you seem so creative so i'm excited for your shop! i love esty! good luck and i hope to be shopping there soon! :)

  4. Aw fun! I can't wait to check it out!

  5. I love reading your blog. And it's exciting to see that you have an Etsy! Can't wait to check it out!

  6. Oh my, I have to have some kind of noisemaker when I sleep (not snoring, though)! I got an awesome box fan for Christmas because my other one started to die.

  7. Ooh, I can't wait to see the goodies you'll have in your shop! And you scored on the Christmas loot, sounds like a perfect day. :)


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