November 6, 2007

on the weekly linkage...

  1. I am in awe of The Pioneer Woman, in general. I bow to her photographic genius. And not only that, but she also has a cooking blog! Ack! Is there no end to her domestication? Anyway, since I'm going to be stuck in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, preparing the dinner of our dreams by myself (J doesn't get off work until 5-ish), I'm going to be eagerly following her recipes for turkey, gravy and some buttery mashed potatoes that make you unknowingly drool all over yourself simply by looking at the photos. I'm a little excited, I'm not going to lie. (Last year we made the obligatory Thanksgiving of Newlyweds - or as I like to call it: Boxed Everything Because I Have Not A Kitchen of Decent Size nor Do I Have The Mad Kitchen Skills of my Mother and/or Mother-In-Law, So There. Hence my wanting to broaden my horizons this time around.)
  2. Anyone who dressed their dog up like this for Halloween gets a gold star. It made me laugh for days.
  3. 3101; A Year of Mornings is an absolutely beautiful photography blog. Two friends who live 3191 miles away from eachother each take a photo every morning and post it there. The photography is absolutely lovely, and a good way to start out the day, if you ask me.
  4. Seriously, Tom? Again with the bangs. And the disturbing lack of sideburns. I don't even know what to say anymore.
  5. Here are some free patterns from the most adorable of adorable sites, Wee Wonderfuls. I really want to make these stockings, but considering my lack of a sewing machine and, oh, any embroidery experience to speak of, it'll have to wait.
  6. Mirkwood Designs has a site cram-packed full of free templates for everything from gift boxes to matchboxes to envelopes to CD holders. I've used many of them, and definitely recommend trying them out!
  7. Aaaaand even more craftiness. Here you will find some fun little tutorials on stitches, embroidery and some other good stuff, courtesy of futuregirl. (On a side note, look at this wristlet she made! Ahhh! Want to make!)


  1. I am really really happy to see that someone else is in love with the pioneer woman. I looove her photos and especially her recipes. Yumm.

  2. i want to marry the pioneer woman - oh wait, i just want her husband - but she could come cook for us anytime!

  3. Your comment about the picture of that dog in costume made me think of our favorite SNL sketch... "It made my grandson cry for days..."


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