November 11, 2007

on random nubbins of my life...

+ Disneyland is truly my happy place. As it will always be.

+ I love old people. Today there were a couple old men that showed up for a meeting, and one of them said, "Oh, wait a minute. I have to wait for my bride." He smiled the cutest old-man-smile and then his wife came out he took her arm. Um, adorable much lately? My grandpa calls my grandma his bride still, even though they've been married fifty years. That's love, people. That's love. It makes me want to cry from the sweetness of it all.

+ The car situation is still on the rocks. Well, we did get the car back, but it was a wild game of musical chairs/cars last night. I borrowed a car from work and went home. I then picked up Jay from work, and we went to pick up his Honda and pay an entirely too large bill. Then we drove back home in both cars, dropped off the Honda, and headed back to Jay's work to pick up my car from the parking structure. Then we went to Taco Bell. (I'm sorry, but why does fast food have to be bad for you? A seven layer burrito = heaven. It's quite unfair.) Then we had to go back to my work to drop off the car I borrowed. Then, and only then, were we free to go home and melt into puddles on the couch. Did you follow that story? Gold star if you did. It took me a good fourty-five minutes to even figure out the schematics of the whole situation, and even then I kept going, "Wait. Where next? What's going on? Argh!"

+ I still haven't seen Across the Universe, and I find this incredibly upsetting.

+ I'm making baked macaroni and cheese tonight. At least, I think I am. Every time I go to buy the incredients (a whopping three items) I always get distracted and end up making something else for dinner. (And also, in my heart of hearts, I'm afraid that I will butcher something as simple as baked macaroni and cheese and realize once and for all that I am no Giada. Nor would I look that becoming posing with an eggplant. It's just not fair.) I'll let you know how it turns out.

+ Nablopomo? Eh? What's that you say? I have brought shame to the sacred constitution that is nablopomo? Psh. Don't talk to me. You don't know me.

+ I finished the very first bit of my Christmas shopping this morning, and it makes me giddy. I'm getting alot of the mark goodies. (Pssst. Go check out their adorable gift sets for Christmas gifts! Eeep! You will love them!)


  1. So, did you finish the book? Did you like it? I want to know!! Let me know if you want me to send you the second one.

  2. How did the mac and cheese go??? I hope it turned out and tasted great! Let me know:)

  3. Oh, please, please go see "Across the Universe" if you can! It is so good, I love it!


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