November 2, 2007

on premiers and pockets...

Jay is helping out with a film festival for the next several months. He is somewhat of an intern, if I may. It's good experience for him, regardless, and he's enjoying it. He doesn't have much time to do alot with the company - what, with working full time and also working on a few college classes at the same time - but he puts in some hours here and there. Last night, we went to Newport Beach to see a premier of a movie, Sharkwater.

(On a sidenote, it's an incredible documentary. I honestly recommend seeing it. You learn alot about sharks - obviously, drrr - and how they are being killed for their fins because it's a billion dollar industry and there isn't anything out there protecting their population. And they're alot different than the media makes them out to be. Did you know that vending machines kill more people per year than sharks? Mua-ha. I didn't think I'd ever care so much about sharks. And the guy is a dish, if I do say so myself - even if he looks like he's wearing woman's clothes, and could very well be the reincarnation of some anime video game hero. I did get to smile and nod at him awkwardly while we were there, and seriously. He's a dish.)

There weren't a bajillion people there or anything, and it was at a small old theatre (I love old theatres - especially when they have balcony seating!) so there wasn't much for us to do. We had to "guard" the balcony when people came in, though, so all the seats on the lower level would fill up first. Jay and I were laughing at how awkward it was. It's not like we had badges on - or even nametags. We just looked like a couple of guests, standing at the base of the stairs. At one point, before they let any guests in, the owner of the theatre saw us and exclaimed,


I think he was a little stressed or something. Jay and I were all, "Um, oh, well. Erm. We're supposed to be here, actually?" The coordinator stepped in before the old man had a stroke, and let him know why we were there. It was still weird.

Anyhow, it was a fun night. I enjoyed my time with Jay. We went to happy hour before, and feasted on nachos and beer while discussing important pop culture topics, such as: whether or not Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong are dating (I said "Hells, no!", he said, "Um, actually, they are. It said so on CNN. And MSN. So, there." and I said, "I REFUSE TO BELIVE IT, NO NO NO.") and the hilarity of the shows "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila" and "I Love New York 2" (we have a morbid fascination with terrible reality television). In any case, I love my husband time. It's days like that when I reminded of how he's not only the love of my life, but also my closest friend.

Last night I was up until midnight finishing this little number:

I have issues going to be when something isn't finished. But I like it. It's the first time I've made anything with felt, so I'm a wee bit proud of how it turned out. Granted, after the fact I realized that I hadn't sewn in the snaps, so there's no way to properly close it. But I figure the flap is big enough to stay shut on it's own. Steve the hippo seems to like it well enough:

Steve: "Tea and crumpets for two, please. Cheerio!"


  1. Ooo super cute! I love it! And Steve seems very comfy.

  2. That is sooo cute! I just saw Tila Tequila on tv the other day.. what an odd odd show.


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