November 20, 2007

on the parking situation...

Here we go again with the apartment ranting, I know, I know. But, seriously. Tonight I was at my wits end, and it ended up okay, which was surprising.

Parking by my apartment complex is impossible, if I haven't mentioned it yet. It's a crap shoot whether or not you're going to find an open nubbin of curb after about 5PM. (Even for me, driving the worlds most ridiculously small car.) It makes for some angry words when I'm home at 10:20-or-so and there is absolutely nothing in sight. (The husband and I take turns in the garage. Tonight is a poker night for him and he'll be home late, therefore I'm stuck fending for myself on the streets, so to speak. Booo.) Here's the thing, too: I could, conceivably, park around the block at the very end of the curb, but I'm pretty sure one of two things would happen.

a) I would be nearly chopped to bits by a crazy homeless lady. Again.
b) I would get (yet another) ticket for "parking in the intersection". No, seriously. Both my husband and I have gotten one, and it's a complete sham because we are not in the intersection - we are at the end of the curb. In no way, shape or form interfering with traffic. The cop (Officer Shammy McShammerson) straight up hand wrote "parking in the intersection" in a blank box on the ticket because THERE ISN'T EVEN A BOX FOR IT BECAUSE IT ISN'T A REAL THING AHHHH. Moving on.

Tonight, instead of tempting fate, I decided to drive around for a good fifteen minutes. Up and down the block. Back and forth. To and fro.

I started stalking people leaving the apartment complex, but to no avail. Finally, I saw a couple cars next to each other getting ready to leave, and I drove around to get the spot and by time I got there, I realized that only one car had left, and the other one had pulled up further. Blocking the entire spot, as his car was now in the middle of them both. It was all I could do not to get out of my car and tappy tap tap on his window and tell him that I was going to eat his family if he didn't move immediately.

Someone else began to leave on the other side of the street, so once again I drove around quickly. Not as quickly as a truck, which began to pull into the spot. (It is, indeed, a game of musical chairs, I tell you. A mean, mean game.) I almost cried, when I realized the person in the truck had stopped, and let me take the spot. I mouthed "THANK YOU!" through the window and parked. He ended up just putting on his hazard lights and staying in the street. I ran up to him and told him how thankful I was, and he was so genuinely nice. I was floored. It's a bad thing when you're genuinely surprised that another human being was so thoughtful - one that you don't even know, at least. But I was. He held the gate open for me, even.

I wanted to throw my arms around him and give him a bear hug he wouldn't soon forget, but I thought better of it. I hope he knows that he totally made my night, anyway.

I should sick my cat on the other dude who was hoarding the curb.


  1. That would drive me insane! I don't know how you deal with that.

    I'm not a fan of undeserved tickets. I just had to pay one myself :(

  2. I don't have a parking problem, I live across the street from the nuns. They walk everywhere, which is good for me. Obviously.

    You're a magnificent writer, btw. I'm screamingly jealous.

  3. I think you should sick Officer Shammy McShammerson on the curb hoarding dude.

    I love the music on your page! imma stay here and sing along all day. And by all day I mean for the next 45 minutes until I hopefully get off work. Are you on - you should be.

  4. How sweet was that truck driver? I'm glad you got a spot!

  5. I love the homeless lady story. Quite funny. But don't you love those nice, thoughtful people. I always hope that I am nice like that to others..We should all work to make each other's day.


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