November 16, 2007

on oranges and wifey time...

When, dear God, will we find a new place to live? Wheeeeen? I can't wait to move. The anticipation is palpable. Not that I'm looking forward to disassembling our plethora of Ikea furniture, nor am I looking forward to packing up all the bits and pieces that we've accrued during the last couple years living here. Dare I say that I'm a pack rat? Dare I?

Yesterday morning, I was busy watching I'm Fish Reed (the Netflix "watch it now" feature is my new best friend) and falling more in love with the genius of Schuyler Fisk (nothing funny, I just like her music and absolutely everything else about her) when I was interrupted by a knock on the door. I perked up, thinking, "Ooohhh snail mail! Foo money!" (I may have actually thought those exact words. Don't judge me.) However, my dreams of the UPS man were dashed when I opened the door to see a tiny man with a huge bag of oranges slung over his shoulder.

tiny man: "You buy oranges?"
me: (blink.)
tiny man: (smile.)
me: " Thank you...though..."

Who goes into a gated apartment complex and goes door to door selling oranges? It's just weird/borderline creepy. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's normal, but I just don't see it as so. And anyway, even if I did have a hankering for a juicy orange, I really don't think that I'd buy oranges off of some man I don't even know. Isn't that slightly dangerous? I'm not saying that this tiny little man was sitting in his house this morning injecting the date rape drug into dozens of oranges, but you never know. I'm not about to take my chances.

I'm happy today, because the husband has the entire day off. No work. No school. That means WIFEY TIME! AAAHHHH! My excitement knows no bounds! We haven't had a whole day together since the summer. We worked out this morning (yeah, ew), made some delicious breakfast burritos, and apparently are going to spend several hours putting clothes up on eBay. (The eBay thing isn't exactly my cup of tea, although anything that involves a lesser amount of Jay's clothes consuming our closet/making moolah is good news to me.)

Now, I'm off to shower. When your husband smiles sympathetically while patting your head and saying, "Wow, what a wild mane of hair," that's not exactly a compliment, is it?

Didn't think so.


  1. The orange story just completely made my day.

  2. it might be a compliment from your never know.

    BTW you've been tagged

  3. I so would have bought oranges, so provincial. I don't even eat oranges usually. What a fun story!

  4. Hey! Thats so crazy that you're from Spokane! Where did you go to school and why did you end up in SoCal? My husband and I lived in LA for a couple years before moving to Bmore. I kindof miss it.


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