November 5, 2007

on not posting yesterday...

I'm sorry, nablopomo. I have failed you already. What can I say? I buckle under pressure. You can kick me off the island if you want to, but I'm not going down without a fight.

Pop Quiz:

Which of the following was wishcake so busy doing yesterday that she didn't even have five minutes to log on to post an entry?

a) Getting up at the crack of dawn to enjoy an 8.5 hour shift at work where pretty much nothing at all happened, and it was so overcast that once again, she was denied a sunrise of any sort.
b) Spending the afternoon at the Happiest Place on Earth, chowing down pretzels and three-cheese monte cristo sandwiches with garlic fries and riding a few rides, but realizing that she was really there just for the food and that feeling of childhood glee that comes from walking down Main Street when it's all lit up and night.
c) Participating in a groundbreaking (albeit car-singing) version of Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It and I Had The Time of My Life with M.
d) Running into Shia LaBeouf, and after a long conversation about life, love and other mysteries, he looked into her eyes and said, "Wow, you're amazing, can you run away with me?" And she said, "No, I'm sorry, you're too late." And he said, "Ah, yes, but you are married. I will always know that you are the only one for me, and how our forbidden love was written in the stars." And she said, "Indeed, it was. Goodbye, Shia. Do not forget me."
e) All of the above.
f) All of the above, with the exception of "d" because Shia is way out of your league, and isn't he a little young for you anyway?

The correct answer is "f". And how rude of you, anyway, because Shia is totally in my league, and he is actually not too young for me. Sheesh.

But thank you for participating in this quiz, anyway.


  1. i'm in nablopomo too - but have already failed...oh well

  2. May I just say that your fake convo with cutie pie totally matches the tone of the book you're reading?

    Just thought I'd point that out.


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