November 13, 2007

on going to the dentist and other good times...

I finally made a dentist appointment for myself. No, really. I actually did. It's been a good four years since I've gone (eep!), so, yeah. That's one thing I seriously miss about living at home. My mom would make sure we went every six months, on the dot. (Even my dad. Much to his dismay.) It was good, though, because I have amazingly straight, healthy teeth thanks to my parents. After I moved to California, I didn't make time to find a dentist - and now, here I am. Four years later. (Cavity and plaque laden, most likely. Hold me.)

I think when it comes down to it, I just miss my sexy Mormon dentist from back home, who had, like, nineteen children that looked exactly like him - blonde hair, blue eyes, teeth that sparkled like ivory - and would sing show tunes to me as he drilled away. Who wouldn't miss that? He was a dentistry genius. Nobody can hold a candle to that man. He made Ghandi look like a child pornographer. (SNL reference. Will Ferrell as James Lipton? Tell me someone else remembers that sketch.)

Anyway. We'll see how this goes. Hmph.

I've recently become completely obsessed with the show 30 Rock. Haven't seen it? Watch it. I am so giddy, having found a show on TV that is absolutely my kind of humor. There are only three other shows where I know I'm guaranteed to laugh my bootie off numerous times during every episode: Scrubs, Reno 911 and Friends. Most comedies that are on TV these days are so drowned by a laugh track and sex jokes, that I can't stand watching them. And 30 Rock is actually on a night that I can keep up with it weekly - hurrah! I've been watching the first season on Netflix, and it is hi-larious. Every actor on that show is a genious.

I think I'm ready for another vacation. Anybody with me?


  1. I will have you know that Dr Braun still looks the exact same and still has those piercing eyes that look into your soul. Love it. Just another reason to MOVE BACK to where your sista lives. :)

  2. If you dentist looks that great then sign me up. :) And I've been needing a vacation for a while sign me up!


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