November 28, 2007

on a fleeting childhood...

Witnessed today:

A man in the lobby with his son, who I'm guessing was about five or six. The child was running around wild, and was admiring the ginormous Christmas tree, complete with (fake) presents.

child: "Can I open some presents?"
father: (distracted.) "No, no, no. No presents."
child: (deciding to run around with a banana in one hand, half-eaten apple in the other.)
father: "Where is your iPod?"
me: (having stroke, realizing wee child has nicer iPod than self will ever have in life.) "iPod, huh? Wow."
father: "Yeah, yeah. You should check out the gigs on that thing. All his movies are on it."
me: (feeling sheepish for jealousy of wee iPod-laden child) "Hmmm."
father: "Now, where is that iPod?"

It was then I noticed the iPod, lying in a crumpled pile of earbud wires, on the floor of the lobby.



  1. WOW. A kid that young with an iPod?!

  2. What the frick is right. Geezus, what the heck is that guy thinking?

    Miley is also the name of my "niece to be" arriving in April. Bah.

  3. hahahaha. wow.

    people are something else, aren't they?

  4. haha. insane. A 5 year old girl came to my work last week to buy an ipod. I was like um.... insane.

  5. I second your "what the frick" comment, no four or five your old needs an Ipod, ah.

  6. Yeah, that's just dumb. With the way kids destroy things...I always thought my cousin was too young to have one and she's nine...

  7. Love your blog! Keep it up...

    It is so disturbing all the children with technology. A six year old DOES NOT, under ANY circumstances, need an iPod. What, so they can crank the Blues Clues soundtrack?

    Come to think of it, it may be kind of smart/practical of a parent to let a child use an iPod- to avoid listening for the 1000th time Raffi or whatever crap the kids are doing these days.


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