November 23, 2007

on the dinner (a pictorial)...

I'm sorry, but there's something about touching a raw turkey that makes me feel somewhat like a serial killer. I think this is based on the fact that the feel of a raw turkey is not unlike human flesh. So, to lighten the mood, I figured it would be fun to put my arm around the little guy, and pose with him for his last portrait. What can I say, I'm a sensitive person. (And yes, I'm wearing a sleeveless shirt on Thanksgiving. I hate California.) And onto the cooking:

For some reason, I enjoy chopping up veggies. I chopped up onions and celery to put in the bag with the turkey. I baked the turkey in a "turkey bag" because it's the simplest way - shorter cooking time and alot less of a mess.

Nuni was getting pissed because I wouldn't let him dive into the garbage can after the turkey giblets. So, he decided to jump on the table and proceeded to take a nap. Which, under any other circumstance, wouldn't have been kosher with me. But I decided it was a holiday, so even the cat could live on the edge.

Mmmm. There's the poor guy all oiled up and ready to be cooked. While it was baking I kept walking outside, just so I could walk back into the apartment and smell that amazing turkey smell. (I was becoming desensitized, and that's just not fun.) Oh, turkey. You are my friend.

The one new recipie I tried this year was the Pioneer Woman's own mashed potatoes. I was a bit wary, as I haven't ever made "real" mashed potatoes. However, I quite enjoyed myself. (Yeah, those potatoes look like they have leprosy, I'm aware. What's that about, anyway?) Somehow I was able to turn those creepy little nubbins of potato into fluffy bits of heaven.

Seriously. Try the recipie. They may look innocent enough (well, if you ignore the extra chunks of butter on the top) but they are filled with even more butter, cream cheese and half and half. In the words of the Pioneer Woman: "Hello, lover."

Here's the final product. I made crescent rolls (mysteriously absent from the photo, as they were busy burning to a crisp in the oven - go me), turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and my mom's amazing baked corn recipie. Complete with sparkling cider. It was a great dinner, and I was quite proud of myself for pulling it all off. I did cook last year, but I did more this year, I guess. And Jay wasn't home until it was all ready, so I was truly queen of the kitchen. (If I start answering to Martha, you'll know why.)

It was an amazing dinner. (And we have a seriously intense amount of leftovers, too. Hello, turkey sandwiches.) After dinner, we sat by candlelight and watched a couple episodes of Lock Up: San Quentin on Court TV. You know, to put us in the holiday mood. Also, Jay questioned my avid photography of the candles on the shelf. I guess he just doesn't see my artistic vision. But, anyway, it was a great evening together. (And we decided against doing the whole Black Friday thing. Thank heavens.)


  1. BRAVO on a successful (and yummy looking) Thanksgiving dinner! Yes, this is Uncle Doug. I know - I know... old guys don't do blogs. Your mom told Aunt Teresa and I of your blog so we thought we'd check it out. Was a relief to see nothing mean written about us. Haven't spoken with you since your wedding (now that ain't right), so this was a way to catch up with how life's been treatin' ya'. More another time - bye for now. Love ya and like ya lots-n-lots! Uncle Doug and Auntie T.

  2. I recently started reading your blog, and I'm really enjoying it! Bravo on preparing a Thanksgiving feast - and I also love chopping vegetables! Seriously, I do.

  3. Nicely done on the din-din! I left it to my hubster this year, minus the easy stuff like potatoes and green bean casserole. I also love to chop veggies.. and I try to do it faster each time, I might be writing a post about losing a finger sometime soon...

  4. So delicious! And I have those same corning ware dishes! Love them!


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