November 1, 2007

on the college thing...

Welp. I finally got around to ordering three more college transcripts online yesterday. Granted, there are three other transcrips (which I ordered, received, then promptly lost several months ago) floating around the abyss of the apartment. But I just forked over another twelve dollars to avoid having to completely tear apart the closet.

I'm thinking about maybe Cal State Fullerton. It seems as though to get into either the photography program or graphic design program, you don't have to have an entire portfolio made out, like I've seen at other colleges I've looked at. Just looking at the classes online yesterday made me all giddy. Well, except the painting classes. (I took a watercolor class in college and it nearly ended my artistic talent as we know it. The only painting that came out halfway decent was a painting of tulips, which, come to think of it, is probably in my parents garage somewhere when it should be displayed in the entryway to their home because it took me ENTIRELY TOO LONG TO DO AHHHH.) So, needless to say, painting gives me hives. And they're expensive. But. If that means I have to struggle through one silly painting class to get to the ones I actually care about, so be it.

I'm finding it very difficult deciding between graphic design and photography. And, of course, there's many other things that I'm interested in, but I'm choosing not to think about them because it will make me more distracted than I already am at the given moment.

In any case, I'm excited. I won't be actually attending classes until next fall (lame) if I do get accepted, but still. It's something, right? Right.

And I did end up wearing the bunny ears to work yesterday. Made me totally happy. Oh, and I ate entirely too much candy, which is to be expected.

Hair appointment next week. I'm torn between Mandy-hair and MK Olsen-hair. Which is basically the same thing, so perhaps I'll take both photos and ask for some sort of hybrid of the two.


  1. I like the Mandy hair

  2. That's all very exciting news! Pickles is happy that you wore bunny ears! I was some sort of cop.. or something.

  3. good luck deciding what you go for - i don't think you can go wrong with either (that's probably the hard part though). by the way, i love your header. very cool.


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