November 27, 2007

on the agenda...

What I did today:

+ Woke up at 6:45, because for some odd reason, I've turned into an old woman and am nodding off at night by 9:30PM. So, my body automatically wakes me up at, what I would consider, the crack of dawn. Ew.

+ Made myself sleep another hour-and-a-half, just because of the principal of it all. Proceeded to lolly-gag around the apartment for a couple hours, then finally decided to put myself together for the day.

+ Meandered to the post office to send off a swap package to Germany. Realized that they are selling smut magazines right in front of the post office. Which is across from a theme park. Is that awkward to anyone else? Anyone?

+ Decided to go on a fruitless search for a new dress for my company Christmas party. Had much difficulty finding anything that would not make me look like I was sixteen years old, like I was wearing a potato sack or like I was, indeed, a cheap hooker. (Or, dare I say, like a sixteen year old cheap hooker in a potato sack? Not exactly the impression I want to make on the president of our company.) Apparently, there is no happy medium, and I will most likely resort to wearing last year's little number, or end up borrowing something from M's closet full of dresses-from-homecoming's-past.

+ Was lucky enough to find a pair of navy heels for work. And, lo-and-behold, this girl has found heels that are actually comfy and cutely-retro and were decently priced. Hurrah for DSW! You know, there's something about heels that make a girl (who traditionally lives in flip-flops and flats) feel like a goddess. I like it. Now I can pretend that I have legs for days, when in reality...I do not. Heck, yeah.

+ Left for work, and decided that it was a Kanye West kind-of-a-day. (One thing I've acquired since being married to my husband, is an appreciation for Kanye West. You should hear our version of "Gold Digger". We have some mad rhyming skills, yo.) Although, I do have to remember to exercise caution whilst listening to my music. I am always paranoid about having my windows rolled down, white girl rapping while the music is blaring, and pulling up next to an elderly African American man at exactly the moment that Kanye decides to drop an "N" bomb. Now that would just be awkward. "But, sir! I didn't say it, I swear! I carefully censor myself while I rap! Please believe me!"

+ Worked for 8.5 hours. All alone. Ho-hum. However, I was quite gleeful because they finally changed the lobby music from easy listening (you can only hear the instrumental version of "I Believe I Can Fly" so many times before your ears start bleeding) to Christmas tunes (and I'm a holiday music kind-of-a-gal!). Makes me happay!

+ Saw the most beautiful of beautiful sunsets. (Didn't bring my camera with me today! Ack!) Seeing the sky full of clouds the loveliest shade of cotton candy really makes my day complete. How could it not?


  1. You're awesome.

    I always find the right dress when I'm not looking for it...that's just how it goes I guess. :)

  2. that post rocked. you are too funny!

    the swap package picture - love it! i understand your frustration in finding something to wear without looking like you pimp daddy.


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