November 3, 2007

on the most evil of meows...

Meet the cat with the most evil of meows. Seriously, listen to it. He sounds like a hawk. Or satan. I'm a little confused, because don't normal kittens have a soft little "mew!" noise? M and I are toying with the idea that this kitten is, indeed, a new breed of evil. Granted, he is a poor, homeless kitteh...but, still. (I found it difficult to sleep last night when I knew that little minion was screeching in his cage.) She's trying to find a home for him, and apparently can't take him to the shelter if he's under two pounds. They told her that they'd put him down right away if they took him. How upsetting is that? It's surprising to me that they do that, when you'd think they'd easily find a home for him. People like kittens, right? Right. Oh, well. Hopefully she'll be able to find a place for him soon, and be able to rid her place of the smell of poo sooner than later. (I feel for her. I do.)

We decided to give him a bath this afternoon, hence the video.

(And pardon the obscene tail-washing. It may have crossed the line of decency, I'm fully aware of this.)

Today was a good morning at work, except for the fact that it was so overcast that I was denied my weekly sunrise. But inhaling helium and singing at the end of our shift made up for it, and was almost more fun that two people should be allowed to have.


  1. That is the funniest thing! I played the video and my 2 cats came running in the room as if to say... that is NOT normal? What the hell is that? They were scowering the floor and looking around as if to find the devil himself hanging out in Their house :)

  2. onebigholiday11/4/07, 4:29 PM

    Soo cute!


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