October 19, 2007

on the nubbins of yesterday...

Yesterday, as I was stepping out of our apartment and heading to the stairs (errand-running time), SHE was lurking right at our gate. Now who, you may be asking, is SHE? Well, I'm speaking of our friendly neighborhood crazy rambling homeless woman (well, one of them, and she's not exactly friendly, per se), that's who. Yeah, so as I was rounding the curve of the walkway and saw her meandering down around that general area (with a dog! the husband was right! she has a dog! gaaaaa!), I pulled one of these:

"Oh, erm. Well, let me rummage around my purse - yep! Silly me! I must have forgotten something. Confused look on the face? Check. Slowly turning around and diving back into apartment? Check. I will now watch crazy lady through the blinds until she moves. Crisis averted."

Of course, she felt the need to loiter for the next full five minutes. And I started to feel a little crazy myself, standing there, tapping my foot, waiting for her to leave, just because I don't have the balls to walk past her. (I'm thinking at this point that perhaps I have post traumatic stress disorder or something.) Seriously, though, something about her hollow stare gives me shivers. So, what's a girl to do? I creeped out of the apartment, walked in the quietest of quiet steps, and went the back way to my car. About twice as long, but safer. I wish I had never met this crazy lady, because now I'm all jumpy around my apartment or when I'm riding my bike somewhere. I expect her to jump out of the bushes and call me a prisoner again or throw her dog at me so it could eat my face or something. Great fun.

Later in the day, Jay was home and we were able to have our weekly time together. (I don't see enough of the guy when he's doing school and work full-time. It's upsetting. We are, at times, strangers in the night.) We went to Costco (love the place - hello, food samples!), picked up some groceries and a FREE PIZZA AHHHHH, then waited around for a couple people to come and look at his Honda (still trying to sell it) while watching Art School Confidential (terrible movie) and eating pizza (delightful pizza). One lady came to look at the Honda with her son, and she had a Chanel purse. I wanted to ask her what she was doing 'round these parts of the good ol' So Cal, but apparently they're from Boston and her son was going to school here. They didn't want the Honda. A couple hours later two other guys came to look at it. (Well, we met them in the dark, at a grocery store parking lot, which was exactly the spot I told Jay we were about to be murdered at and taken for all we were worth - to which Jay replied, "That's my little pesi!" He thinks I'm pessimistic. I think I'm realistic. Tomato tomahto.) They ended up wanting the Honda right away - hurrah! And we didn't get murdered in the process, which was an added bonus, I must say.

It is such a weight lifted, finally selling that thing. It's amazing to me that it took that long for someone to take it - it's a great vehicle. And I'm amazed it didn't go for more, to be honest. Ah, well, what can you do?

Today is a "me" day. A bit of cleaning, a bit of shopping (Michaels' 40% off coupon is calling my name and I must respond), perhaps some craftiness (I'm having an art craving, and really want to start drawing again), and then some halloween cookie-decorating with M tonight. Good day? I think so.

(However, I could go with a bit more hubby time. Seriously. I miss the summer.)

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