October 20, 2007

on the lovely bones...

Just found out they're making a movie out of my favorite book of all time. I'm a wee bit apprehensive, considering I hold true to the fact that the book is always better than the movie counterpart. But, still. I'm excited. Wee! If you haven't yet read that book, please do so. It's absolutely incredible. I've read it three times, I think, and every time I feel so much for it. Something about the story, I really connect to, for some reason.

Made Halloween cookies with M last night. I think I ate half a containter of cream cheese frosting.

And that is all.


  1. I love cream cheese icing. Especially frozen. Yum!

  2. Yum yum!

    Okay, your package was officially sent out today. Sorry it took so damn long... kept getting hidden by my Mom who didn't know what it was. So yeah, it's nice and big, so I expect something in return! Like a mixed CD or something... :-)

    I'm just kidding, but I love you! Miss you!

  3. onebigholiday10/22/07, 6:54 AM

    I can't wait to see the movie, I cried like a big baby when I read the book, I'm sure the movie will make me cry too.

  4. The Lovely Bones is one of my very favorite books, too! I'm also nervous about the movie, but I'm totally going to see it.

  5. I saw a comment that you left on Metalia's site that I am still giggling about... that SNL is emotionally frustrating for you because it doesn't make you laugh anymore. Ah, I share your pain.

    Also, I heart the Lovely Bones. It could go either way though when turned into a movie: either incredibly awesome or kind of cheesy. Case in point: White Oleander. AMAZING book, not such a good movie.

  6. Yay! I know! I'm so excited for that movie, the book was great. I am worried it won't live up to the book too, but I'll take my chances.


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