October 28, 2007

on the great hair dilemna...

Okay, peeps. Feedback time.

I'm currently yearning for a new hair color. I've been toying with the idea for the last year, actually, but whenever I feel I have the nerve to do so, I always end up sitting in the chair at the salon saying that I'd love to get the regular ol' highlights, thank you. (I'm fickle.) And although I fear I may not be ballsy enough even now (which may be a good thing, no?), I'd like to get some outside opinions.

(This entry is best read while listening to the song "Starlight" by Muse. Go ahead, start the song. I'll wait. And if you want to get even more inside my head, I'd say you could also be drinking an off-brand Slim Fast shake and yelling at your cat to stop howling, but why would I want anyone else to be put through that?)

On to the photo goodness:

Option 1.
I've had this photo for eons now. I adore it, because it's a teensie bit red, but she's not a natural red-head. She can still pull it off. And I have about the same coloring (naturally dark blonde, fair skin), so I'm thinking it wouldn't be a complete disaster. (And can I just say that I'm counting down the days until my hair is this long? Gaaaaa! I want to have cutesy hippie waves with the front bit pulled back and look completely adorable without trying! Seriously! Oh, MK, why can't you fight the crazy and always look this adorable?)

Moving on...
Option 2.
Ah, yes. You knew I'd sneak in a Jennifer Aniston shot, didn't you. DIDN'T YOU. Whatev. She is easily the hair goddess of our generation, I'm not going to lie. I like this color because it's very, very close to my natural shade. Not that I've actually seen the natural shade in about seven years (oh, the shame), but from what I can imagine, this is it. I like that there are still slight highlights, though.

Stop that grinning, Jennifer. We know you're perfect.

Option 3.
It's true. I was an Ashlee fan. Pre-facial-deconstruction and morphing into the cookie-cutter blonde that dominates Southern California. (Boooo.) When I had my hair cut early last year (chopped off is more like it) this is the photo I brought in. Somehow it ended up totally shorter, but alas. It looked good for one day, right? Right. Let's focus on the color: I want it. Although, I am very, very sure that I will never be brave enough to try this one. I wish that there was some way to try it for one day JUST to see if it even works, you know? Then if I start sobbing and crying out, "DO NOT WANT" they could just snap their fingers and give me a cookie and I'd be back to blonde.

Why did you have to change Ashlee? I liked your old nose better.
Option 4.
I've had this magazine cutout on my fridge for the last few weeks. (Which people find curious, for some reason. I keep hearing, "Um, why is there a photo of Mandy Moore on your fridge?" And I simply reply, "Because I like her hair, calm down, Nancy.") Again, I think Mandy here has about the same coloring as me. Aside from the fact that I love her and I think we'd be best friends, she's got that peaches-and-cream complexion and naturally light brown hair (from what I can tell). The coloring of her hair here is gorgeous - and not unlike Option 1. And this photo also makes me want to get side-bangs.
Mandy! Call me! We should hang out and be best friends! I don't care that you're no longer with Zach Braff!_______________________________________
And here is a recent photo of me so you can sort of have a general idea of what you're dealing with:

I'm a fool! I'm a grinning fool! (And I totally cropped my arm chub out of the photo! Heck, yeah!)


Okay, my friends. That's about that. Let me know what you think. Like you have anything better to do than contemplate the future of my hair follicles. (I, on the other hand, obviously think about this too damn much.) In any case, humor me and let me know what you think.

(Do you have that Muse song in your head yet? Good. Because that was my evil plan.)


  1. I'm all about Mandy Moore hair. I recently got my hair done and it's just about that exact color and after seeing that picture of Mandy, I'm feeling quite good about myself:) Anyways. Yes, I vote for Mandy.

  2. My vote is for the Olsen twin's hair. A tinge of red is fun for fall... you and I have the same color of hair/skin, and I"m going to get colored next week.. so let me know what you do! (if it looks bad, I won't do it ) hehe

  3. Oh gosh, do Mandy! I think that would look fab on you! Totally awesome. BTW- I'm longing for dark hair again, so my next salon visit will be for dark hair. Woot. Oh! And my Mother darkened her hair! If my mother can do it, you can. You know I'm right!

  4. I'm voting for either Mandy-Moore-hair or Olsen-twin-hair....I like the warm tones in both of those -

  5. The benefit was on Saturday night...talk about an emotional night...I will write up a blog entry one of these days here soon..there was so much going on, so many people here...

  6. I love Mandy Moore's hair. Actually, I lie. I'm IN LOVE with it. We have a relationship.

    However, I think the Olson hair would be amazing on you.

  7. Yup, yup, Mandy hair! In fact, I think I'll take that pic in myself and get some color for a change. Hanven't colored my hair in ages and when I did it was always some dark shade of red.

  8. You have great hair already! But my second choice would be the Olsen twin's hair!

  9. I also vote for the Mandy/MK redish hair. I am blondeish about same fairness (translation white) as you and I did red once it was fun.


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