October 13, 2007

on good things/bad things...

good things:

+ watching awesome movies. I love movies that are just about life, where there is no huge thematic plot or anything; where while you're watching it, you feel like you're just witnessing someone's real life. Garden State-esque. (That's my favorite movie.) I recently watched a few movies that I completely adored: Thumbsucker, Pieces of April and Lost in Translation. All v. good. Inspiring, in a way, I guess.

+ rainy mornings.

+ my pasta. It's fabulous.

+ a super clean apartment. Well, except for the shower that I have yet to tackle. Because I hate. Cleaning. The shower. Gaaaaaa.

+ snail-mail goodies galore. In the last week I've received two mix cd's, a box from Israel with goodies for a swapbot "dollar store" swap, a package of photos from my mom and a huge envie with various papers for another swapbot swap.

+ my amazing mix cd's from the lovely scarlett. Haven't stopped listening to them since I got them.

+ sunrise photos. I'm going to take two every weekend. Heck, if I have to be up at the crack of dawn, I may as well catch some of the beautiful sky on film. I've always been fascinated by the sky, and it amazes me how every sunrise is different. I love it.

+ fondue nights, complete with tipsy Pictionary.

+ days when I love my job.

not-so-good things:

- we have yet to sell Jay's other Honda. And I want my garage back. It makes me bitter. I swear, that vehicle is cursed or something, because we've had to drop the price to almost half of what we were hoping to get for it, and still we don't have any takers. Cursed, I tell you.

- leaking roof. Still. Since it only rains a handful of times around these parts, you never know if maintenance has actually fixed it or not. But since we've moved here, every single time it rains, the leaking increases. Mother of Moses, I'm so over this apartment. Management said that they fixed the roof yesterday, but I guess we'll have to wait another two months or so to test their theory.

- feeling stressed for no good reason.

- the fact that getting around to going back to college is making me want to rip my hair out. The process is incredibly not welcoming and/or easy.

- laziness.

I have not motivation for a real post, so this must do for now. And I'm off to bike ride to the library. (I'm hoping that the tires on Jay's bike aren't nearly flat as I discovered mine were when I was halfway to the library last week. Burns the thighs, people. Burns the thighs.)

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  1. You should list the bad things first so the not-so-bad things are closer to the top of your thoughts. :)


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