October 3, 2007

on creepy guys and new crafts...

So, I was going to drive out to the other gym and endulge in a yoga class this morning. But then I realized that actually despise yoga, and my extremeties always fall asleep and I could instead plop myself in front of the TV and watch Friends while eating cheerios with banana slices. (All while patting myself on the back for the healthy breakfast choice, yet cursing myself for being a cheap-ass and going for the off-brand Cheerios that taste like packing peanuts just to save a couple dollars. Boooo.) I think yesterday was my productive day, and today is my counter-productive day. But everyone is owed one of those, right? Right.

I'd say it's a generally good morning.

And I did go to the gym yesterday morning. Which was the second time I showed up for one class and ended up attending something else that was going on in it's place. (At least it's not like last time, where I ended up winded and beet red in a step class that made me want to kill myself.) Yesterday I thought I was doing some low-key core class, but ended up in a set class - or S.E.T. class, whatever. It was okay. I think that I need to start going to the classes, anyway, because obviously I can't keep up the motivation myself. If I go to a class, I have to choice but to stay there for the entire 60 minutes, even if I do want to tap out early. Because I don't like to be the awkward one that is packing up their mat and weights at quarter-till, because I judge those people and would rather not be judged, myself. You know.

On the walk home from the gym, as I was looking nice and sweaty and red and all around disgusting, two random guys on a streetcorner decided it would be a good idea to hit on me. I knew they were going to say something, because they were all "giving me the elevator eyes" or whatever you want to call it. (I recently was explained to what "elevator eyes" means, and now want to use it entirely too often. It makes me laugh.) As I walked past, they called out, "HEY!" (Which is really the best way to get someone's attention, no? I know it had me aching for more.)

me: (rolls eyes, gags, wipes sweat off brow) Hello.

CG (creepy guys, obv.): HOW'RE YOU DOIN'?

me: (did they seriously just ask me that?) Fine. How are you guys?


me: (okay, just keep walking and don't make eye contact with these fools)

CG: (yelling out something I couldn't understand, therefore ignored)


me: (the dollar store called; they want their doo rags back - and P.S. you're white, and you're not slim shady, so get over yourself.)

It was fun. Perhaps I shall stick to driving to the gym in the future?

Tuesday nights are always Jay's poker nights, and I always seem to forget that he'll be gone for the night until I get home from work and the apartment is all dark and lonely. I always forget, every week, never fail. I guess it's okay, though, to have a night to myself. Last night I was up until one-in-the-morning watching Friends and making this for a covered matchbox swap:

I haven't done a decorated matchbox before, but I like how it turned out. Hurrah for new crafts!


  1. Guys like that kill me! Good Grief:0 I love the matchbox, that is super cute!

  2. I'm going to have to start using the expression "elevator eyes" - its the perfect word for that.

    Don't feel too bad about hating yoga - I used to do it in high school until I got stuck in a pose and had to have someone pull me apart.

  3. I never have enough motivation to hit the gym. But i love tennis and fishing but fishing doesnt really help you lose weight. Too bad hahah

    This is Dee from Swap-bot btw. :)

  4. Your matchbox turned out totally cute!


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