October 23, 2007

on aching legs and crafty endeavors...

Note to self:

It's probably not the best idea to run up and down the stairs of a four story building - twice, mind you - just out of boredom and guilt from skipping the gym for the last two weeks. Because afterwards, your calves will be the equivalent of meatloaf for three straight days. And that's just not fun. You don't actually realize how often you require the ability to easily lift yourself onto your tip-toes throughout the day.

(I am now painfully aware of this.)

I'm finally piecing together my brilliant plan for my etsy store. (Which will, hopefully, if all goes as planned, and I don't lose my mind or sanity in the process, be opened within the next couple months.) I'm always nervous when it comes to doing my own business with the general public. I swear, I almost didn't make it when I put a couple things up on ebay a while ago. It stresses me out. Especially when it comes to the whole etsy thing, because my creativity is at stake, and I don't take criticism that well. I've realized that I truly thrive on encouragement and compliments, but it only takes one negative bit of feedback to bring me crashing down. I'm a sensitive one. Love me.

In any case, I'm excited about it. I'm weird, because I knew what I wanted my banner, logo and packaging to look like before I even decided on what I was going to sell. I'm a schmuck for the details. To me, it's half the product, and half the presentation. If I'm a sucker for good packaging, I'm sure others are, too. And I don't want things to look all shoddy, especially when they're handmade. You know? Anyway. I'm still piecing together the details...if anyone has any advice for a first-time etsy seller, please share.

And I haven't blown away or burned to dust in this crazy place we call So Cal. But a huge tree in front of our apartment broke in half and crashed to the ground in front of the building the other night. (It's a wonder we didn't hear it. Although the wind was keeping me awake - making the windows rattle and all that - and I had to resort to sleeping with earplugs in for a few hours. That could have been why. And the husband could sleep through the Apocalypse, so I'm not counting on him witnessing any disaster in the near future.) We were all thanking our lucky stars that it fell away from the apartment and not onto the apartment. I wonder what would actually happen if that had happened. I'm hoping the wind will just stop so we won't have to find out.

Word on the street is that there is a condo in the area for rent, that is only about $60 more per month than we're paying for our apartment, and I am overly eager to take a look at it. I told Jay that I'd be more than willing to pay the extra $60 if it means we'll be in an area free of scary homeless ladies who want to chop me to bits, where there isn't hair painted into the counter tops, and where it isn't a fight to the death to find parking within the block. Crossing the fingers.


  1. good luck with the condo! And I personally can't wait to see what you sell in your shop! It will all be great I am sure!

    Hello btw! I love your blog!

    Shannon aka MamaBowers

  2. I wish you luck with your etsy. I really want to see what you will sell on it! I'm tex82 from swapbot!
    Your blog was the best of 5 I enter!



  3. I can't wait for your shop! So awesome! Makes me all excited, I'm already planning on ordering something from it, and I don't even know what you're selling yet!

    Have you gotten my package yet? I'm all excited for you to get it! Wooo Wooo!

  4. Let me know how it goes with the etsy shop - I thinking about it too - but am terrified nothing will sell.

    I'm a sucker for the details as well - and love pretty packaging. If you need any design help - let me know!

  5. Your words are music to my ears. Having worked in the design & corporate branding industry for over four years, I know that the FACE of a company is crucial. It's how we make our living, after all. Packaging...marketing...it's all there. You're a smart girl. =)

    Yuck about the fires. I fly down after Thanksgiving, it'll probably still reek of smoke, eh?

    Saturday nite is our CYT reunion benefit show for the Papst's. We're doing excerpts from most shows...I'd say some 80% of the original cast members are coming back, quite a few are flying in...Koby, Matt, Kristen VE, David Trosko, Josh H, etc. It's going to be WEIRD! I'll send you pictures.

    Yay for mix CD's! I go on kicks. Right now it's Leeland and James Morrison, as I'm sure you guessed. Two very different groups, but WON-DUH-FUL nonetheless. Oh, boys who can sing. Love 'em.

  6. Good luck with the condo!

  7. Wow! A new condo would be fab, I hope everything works out!

    I didn't know you were going to start up a little shop! How exciting:) Keep me updated...love you!

  8. I'm getting ready to set up my Etsy shop. I have my banner made and up but I need to add my stuff. (once I take some good pictures of them)

    I'm kind of nervous, like what if my stuff isn't good enough, or no one likes it but me. But I'm just going to have fun with it, you know.

    Have fun with yours as well, and I'm sure you'll do great! You seem very crafty;)

  9. Awesome to hear about the etsy! Rock on lady!

    So glad you guys are okay from the fires!

  10. BTW- where did you get your cute little 'E-mail Me!' icon? I totally want one for my own page.


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