September 10, 2007

on the trip home (a pictorial)...

Chubby toes in the rocks.

We went along the beach and looked for crabs. (Surprisingly fun.)

She was pretty intense. And knew no fear.

Me and my youngest sisters.

Yep, that's mah hand. I was only a little freaked out.

Oh, how I miss the Northwest.

She is a craaaaazy girl.

She called this worm "Guy" and accidentally broke him in half five minutes later. "Oh, no! I made a mistake! He's two now."

I like this one.

If I found this in my house, I'd probably have a stroke.

My older sister's perty ankles. (You should see the rest of her. Boo-yah.)

Adorable much lately?

I can't believe how old she's getting...

Us girls and the grandparents.

Best of friends, as well as sisters.

My dad is a serious gardener. There are flowers everywhere.

Goofy kids.

I'll have to write out a real entry soon. (Note my obsession with black and white photos, and the fact that I have no photos with the older two sisters or the parental units. In hindsight, maybe I was a wee bit too wrapped up in the kiddies. Oh, well.)


  1. Photography classes!!! Damn it girl!
    You have to take some great pictures of us together before I go... bring your camera on wed!

  2. Those are amazing photos! And i love the baby crab! I want to keep him forever!

  3. Beautiful photos!! What type of camera do you use?

  4. I think you need to move here so we can start our own business.


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