September 16, 2007

on a serious want...

That's it. I've decided I want a new camera.

Right now I have a Canon PowerShot A60 that is a few years old. (2.0 mega pixels, can you believe it? I don't think you can even FIND 2.0 megapixels if you tried, at this point in the game.) I love the thing, though, and it has been alot of fun and taken great photos. My first digital camera. So, it's near and dear to mah heart. Also, my husband bought a Canon PowerShot SD400 (5.0 mega pixels) and it's freakishly small so I tend to steal (ahem, borrow) it on a regular basis these days.

However, I seriously want a camera that is more of an upgrade. I'd like something with lens capabilities - I dream of an intensely beautiful SLR digital camera, but know that it's a wee bit past my price range. There's probably no way I can stay below $250, huh? Shall I try eBay?

Any photogs out there? Any recommendations?

I've been floundering around teh internets and am having issues finding a reputable site that will give me recommendations and/or reviews. Eh.


  1. I don't think I will be much help here, b/c I don't know a SLR that is under 500. Nor do I know a good website that gives you good recommendations.

    I have the Nikon D50 which they don't make anymore. They replaced it with the Nikon D40. Both are fantastic, so I can't say anything bad about them. Canon is also a great brand too, I would own both;)

  2. My husband has a Nikon D70 - which he bought slightly used for 250 - but new I think they retail for something rediculous. I have a little "point and click" a Nikon Coolpix - which I love b/c its small and portable. It takes great shots (and has a Macro feature - my fav). As you can tell, we're Nikon-whores so our opinions are a little bias.

  3. It's all about We got our video camera there for around $300 and at Best buy it's over $500! I'm not sure why it's cheaper...everything is brand new and we've had a lot of good luck with the site:) A new camera would be awesome!

  4. I use the Nikon D70s and I'm quite partial to Nikon like ari :)

    You could maybe find one used for not too bad. I'm not sure.. but it is an amazing camera. You couldn't tell by the quality of my pictures.. but that's my own personal problem!


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