September 22, 2007

on the rainy day...

So, wow. Fun morning. (Kindly ignore this entry if you are at all bothered by the fact it is going to be 90% venting, and we all know how much I enjoy playing the damsel-in-distress card, don't we?)

Let me preface this story by letting you know that, first of all, in order to fall asleep last night I had to wear bright orange earplugs (taken from work - a perk of working on the airport) due to the kind people below me feeling the need to watch their TV at ENTIRELY TOO LOUD A LEVEL. Arrrrgh. I can't fall asleep when I hear the faint sounds of trumpets and mumbling and all that.

me: Do you hear that?
J: What?
me: THAT.
J: Um, no?
me: RIGHT THERE. Don't you hear that?
J: Oh, well, kind of. I guess. Just think of something else and try to sleep.
me: It's not that easy! I can't just not think of it, because it's all I can hear! Argh! I hate my life!

I find it completely unfair that my husband can sleep soundly under absolutely any circumstance. It's 90 degrees in the bedroom? He's sleeping like a baby - under the blankets, dripping in sweat. The cat is howling in yonder window at 3AM? He's happily in dreamland. The neighbors are blasting music so loud that I feel like the fiesta is taking place in my bathroom? Softly snoring, fast asleep. I really don't get it. I'm cursed as a light sleeper. It's an issue.

Anyway, moving on to my point...

I woke up last night around midnight and was curious about the fact that the clock seemed to be off. And then I realized that the entire world seemed to be unnaturally dim, even considering the hour. I heard the rain, and expected the worst. (I should realize by now that Southern California throws a complete fit at any sign of rain. You get one night of rain and it's like the apocolypse. Storm Watch, 2007! Ahhhhh! Makes me laugh, actually.) Apparently, we lost power - but I refused to be unnecessarily worried, and figured they should have it fixed by time I had to wake up at the god-awful hour of 4:35AM.

Which they didn't.

So, thank GOD I have a cell phone (for the alarm and make-shift flashlight usage), otherwise there would have been absolutely no way I would have made it to work on time. I had to stumble around the apartment with only my cell phone light to guide me, throwing on my uniform and throwing my make-up and hair straightener into a bag so I could put myself together at work. As I ran out the door, I could hear a faint dripping sound throughout the apartment, so I was sure that the roof and windows that they've "fixed" twice already were back at their yearly leaking. (Confirmed by husband an hour ago.)

While I was driving to work, I was trying to calm myself by listening to the soothing sounds of Jack Johnson, and found myself laughing at the weirdness of the situation. There I was, scrubby and makeup-less, sleep-deprived and driving through the rain, fleeing from an apartment building that apparently can't handle the monsoon that we experienced that night. Life is fun.

Now I have anxiety because maintenance takes forever to return the calls and who knows when they'll be able to come in and fix the windows and ceiling. Not to mention all the food that's spoiling in our fridge. I think that makes me more pissed than anything. We just went to the grocery store to stock up last week. (I'm going to repress this now.)

Let's just point out a few good things so as to lighten the mood:

  1. The sunrise was amazing this morning. Sun pouring through the last few dark clouds on the horizon. Why don't I ever remember to bring my camera with me on morning shifts?
  2. I had the whole day with Jay yesterday. We sold some clothes, bought some new ones. Went to Pink's Hot Dogs in Hollywood, which was a fun experience. Mmm, chili dogs.
  3. I get to work with M this morning. The "A" Team! Holla!
  4. I did my nails last night, and although it seems superficial, it totally cheers me up.
  5. I'm going to have a crafty afternoon, I've decided. I'll chill out and watch some TV and work on my wedding scrapbook (as if it's ever going to be finished), make some envies. That should help me get my head on straight.

And on with the day. Hopefully the power thing is taken care of by time I get home. Hopefully.

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  1. God i LOVE pinks. I used to go there at least once a week. Sorry about the apartment and rain! Which airport do you work at?


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