September 28, 2007

on petting bunnies and all that jazz...

M and I had a good, clean night of rowdiness yesterday. I've grown quite fond of our random Thursdays.

I was in a bad mood on the way over to her place, given the fact that I was a half-an-hour late, was having one of those moments where everything I wanted to wear made me look like poo, had a sweet pimple on my cheek that refused to be covered and my hair (which I had put way too much effort into earlier on in the day) looked like velcro. Velcro, people. I kid you not. It was a nice, superficial moment for me. (And I'm not proud of it.)

Anyhow, nothing that couldn't be cured by a little Vitamin M. Events of the night are including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Stalking two white bunnies outside a college near M's place. They were straight up eating clover in the grass and not even scared of us as we creeped up behind them. M even pet one; we were quite delighted. But then we chased them away, which kind of ruined the moment.
  • Enjoying my favorite drink of all time: Shoot the Root. I'm sorry, but if you haven't tried one, then please do so. It tastes like root beer. It's like heaven in a glass.
  • M's random nachos made with string cheese. I give her props for her resoursefulness. Aaaand I totally just invented that word.
  • Meeting the biggest, baddest security guard in the entire Orange County area. Maybe the world, even. He was all jovial and even did push-ups for us, if I remember correctly.
  • Making friends with a guy who's last name is "Kiwi". It's spelled differently, but either way, who are you to have that last name? I love it. Apparently he ended up crying on a roof last night, but I was sleeping inside and missed that whole escapade.

My iced chai latte tasted incredible this morning, this I tell you. Mmm.

I love that I have a husband that just laughs when I tell him of my antics with M. We're like a couple of giggly schoolgirls when we're together, and I think he knows we're harmless. It's fun to cut loose every now and again. I'm not talking the passing-out type of cutting loose. (Our brand of cutting loose is much more tame, but much more fun. We get to meet people with the last name "Kiwi" and actually remember it the next day.)

Before going out with M last night, I got to spend some time with J and some of his friends for some much needed Disney time. It was a good time; free food, carousel rides, hilarious photos, time with P who I never get to see but absolutely adore.

good things:

+ my husband's random jokes that make me laugh sporatically for a good 24 hours after it was said.

+ encouragement from friends.

+ an entire day to myself.

+ Jack Johnson's song: "Better Together".

+ finding the perfect quote for how I feel.

+ Starbucks' iced chai lattes. (Have I mentioned how these bring me so much joy?)

+ donating to charities. I've never done much of this until recently, and I'm not sure why. I could spend that extra money at Old Navy, or do something with it that will actually make a difference. I choose to make a difference. (And I still have Old Navy money, which is okay, too.)

+ catching up with a friend I don't speak with enough.

not-so-good things:

- pimple on the cheek. (Seriously, though, where do you come from?)

- not enough time to find a new apartment. We need to buckle down and just drive around to look for a new place. Too. Much. Work.

- distance between my family and I.

- missing cricket.

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