September 1, 2007

on going "home" and my rebel status...

I'm so completely excited! Weeeee!

On Monday, I'm going "home" for a week. Well, five days. In any case, it's going to be fabulous. We haven't had the whole clan together since my wedding - and since that was so hectic (you have no idea, really, I was a bucket of tears and frustration and I think they may have been avoiding me at a certain point), there wasn't much "together" time, you know? It'll be all of us girls together again - and Dad. Sometimes I wonder how the man has survived raising three girls, and is still in the process of raising two more. He's a saint, he really is. And it's nice that all of us can be together once again before the mean, mean Navy sends him overseas for 9 months. (Booooo. Hissssss.)

So, anyhow, if you don't hear from me for several days, that's why. It's not that I've up and left for a year-long trek across the US, with only my husband, a backpack and camera and the spirit of a true adventure-er to guide me. (Although, I have put a fair amount of consideration into the latter. Seriously. But we'll save that one for another day, shall we?)

Oh, and I ran from the law the other day. True story. Well, some form of the law, I guess. And I feel pretty good about it, too. Here's the deal:

On Wednesday morning, I was ready to leave for work and was turning the corner of the block as I walked to my car. Lo and behold, right as I saw a clear view of my eety beety vehicle, I also was faced with the fact that the street sweeper (AKA: The Devil's Minion) was a good half-an-hour early on his weekly round of evil, and at that moment about a yard behind my car and rapidly approaching. I had a mild stroke, then proceeded to run at breakneck speed to my car - even though I was obviously not going to make it in time. Oh, and I was also carrying my purse, a book, my lunchbag and my workout clothes and sneakers. I'm sure people were watching out their windows and calling to their families, "Hey! Look at this shmuck! Just look-at-er! Can you believe it, kids? Mua-hahaha!" I wanted to shake my fist at the street sweeper, but considering the load I was bearing at that exact moment, I decided against it. (Although I didn't get a good look at the street sweeper, I'm pretty sure the guy inside looks alot like Ray Liotta, only with a couple missing teeth, a mullet and maniacal laughter. Because that's what I figure pure evil could look like. In my opinion, anyway.) When I reached my car, I quickly scanned the street to see where the ticket-giving vehicle was, in relation to me, and HA! It wasn't anywhere in sight! (Now sure how that works out, because that guy is usuall right behind the sweeper, but at least it was to my advantage, eh?) So, I quickly jumped in my car, and in a blaze of glory, drove to work feeling extremely proud on somehow managing to avoid another street sweepting ticket. I felt like rebel, which just shows how much of a goody-goody I am, by nature. (I traditionally feel rebellious when I don't use a turn signal when lane-changing, or when I don't return a shopping cart to it's designated location in a parking lot. So, driving away to avoid a ticket that I so totally should have gotten gave me Rebel Without a Cause status, if I do say so myself.)

And another true story: I found a teensie bug in my green tea this morning. After I'd drank half the cup. Ew.

On with the day!


  1. I don't have any running from the law stories, but I did eat a bug the other day, ewww. No, it wasn't on purpose!!

  2. I read a lot of your blog today, to catch up, in reverse order, and so I just got to this one. You mentioned your father raising five girls. What mom raising FIVE BOYS?! Ha. Anyway, hope you cats are doing well, and look for a cheaper apartment! Fish, I pay $350 for EVERYTHING. Including food. And yes, you guys need to come back to the Northwest. Although, you'll probably get here right after I've left for overseas. Meh. Enjoying your writing,


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